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Volume 41, Issue No. 10, October 2021

GEN October 2021 40th Anniversary cover image

To read GEN’s 40th anniversary issue is to reflect upon the past and look at the potential future of the biotech industry. Something akin to gazing upon a starry sky. GEN was honored to have 73 scientific or business luminaries—sometimes both and a few already legends!—share their commentaries on biotech’s triumphs and opportunities. Each luminary has a chance to shine both individually and as part of the dynamic life science universe. As our luminaries explain, biology and technology and business came together, coalesced, and released pent-up energies to create the new world we call biotechnology, comprising translational science, drug development, and biomanufacturing, as well as all the “omes” (genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, metabolomes, microbiomes, and others). Let’s all read about what wonders might await in this exciting and promising new world.

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40th Anniversary Recollections & Predictions

GEN October issue 40

GEN40 Luminaries in Biotech Contest

October 2021 GEN 40th Anniversary LUMINARIES IN BIOTECH contest collage

Cell Therapy Manufacturing Shifts to Automatic

-cell attaching to cancer cell

Adventures Leading to a Paradigm Shift in Healthcare

Leroy Hood

Those Were the Early Days My Friend, We Thought They’d Never End

Monoclonal Antibodies

A British Biotech Biopedia: Early Days in the U.K.

The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford, England

Building Data Ecosystems for Modern Biomedical Research

Making the Transition from an Academic to a Biobusiness Entrepreneur


Ethics Issues Remain Central to Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Biotech: Recalling Its Growing Pains and Celebrating Its Maturity

technical financial graph on technology abstract background

Biopharma Can Dispel the Fog of Data

It’s Time to Give the World’s Deadliest Disease Orphan Status


Appreciating the Size and Length of Clinical Trials for CVD Therapeutics

Heart beat

Bridging Cross-Disciplinary Gaps in RNA Therapy Discovery


Combining Molecular and Spatial Information to Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

Reshaping Cell and Gene Therapy Product Quality and Safety

Cancer cell and T cells, illustration

Securecell Launches Amphora: A New Product Range for Intelligent, Lucullus® Driven, Multi-Feed Control

Amphora Pumps and Amphora Scales

Can Yeast Be the Future of Large-Scale and Efficient Subunit Vaccine Manufacturing?

Overview: Manufacturing Adenoviral Vectors at Large Scale

Fast and Easy DNA Quantification for Next-Generation Sequencing


Predictive Modeling

Spike-In Standard Technology for ctDNA-Based NGS Hotspot Assays

Chromatography Resins

Dynamic Light Scattering to Determine Best Ceramics for Implants



SecondLook Histology


Danaher Delivers: Cytiva, Pall Plan $1.5B Manufacturing Expansion

Researchers in gowns and masks