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Volume 41, Issue No. 01, January 2021

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Seven Biopharma Trends to Watch in 2021

Biopharma market

Leroy Hood: Reflections on a Legendary Career

Leroy Hood

COVID-19 One Year Later: The Biology and the Business


Monoclonal Antibodies: Developers Explore New Territories


Uncharted Territory: Top Challenges Facing Gene Therapy Development

gene therapy

Sowing the Seeds of Agricultural Biotechnology

Engineering Biology—Accelerating Transition

Gene editing genes therapy concept with nurse and DNA lab technician medical

Bioprocessing in a Post-COVID-19 World

Sustainability and the Synthetic Biology Revolution

Twist Biopharma synthetic antibody

Neuroscience Widens Its Investigations of Disease Mechanisms

Nerve cells firing

Envisioning Future Trends in Regenerative Medicine

Customized Glycoengineering in Plant-Based Expression Systems

Supercharge Antibody Discovery Workflows with High-Throughput SPR

Accelerating the Discovery and Biomanufacture of Cell and Gene Therapies

Field-Flow Fractionation Separation Technology

Automated Analyzer

Microplates for Affinity Binding Assays

SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies and Antigens for Diagnostic Kit Development

Immunization Action Coalition

ACS ChemClub

The PHG Foundation

Google Developers Machine Learning Crash Course

Single Cell Multiomics: Simultaneous Epigenetic and Transcriptional Profiling

Big genomic data visualization