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, Volume 41

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Website Content from This Issue

Data: Share It Generously, Guard It Jealously

Vaccine Industry Applies Lessons from the COVID-19 Response

The First Shipments Of The Pfizer And BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Are Transported For Shipping

COVID-19 Shakes Up Vaccine Production

Smart Vaccine Design Keeps Manufacturability in Mind

University of Queensland’s Australian Institute lab

Data Hoarding Poses an Existential Threat to Biopharma

Scientist in a protective labsuit with data

Targeted Therapies to Reduce Side Effects in Modern Drug Development

H3Africa Funds Scientists, Advances Genomics, and Fosters Collaboration in Africa

African research

Epigenetic Therapies Start Operating Outside the Lines

chromosome figure collen

Success with Adherent or Suspension Cell Cultures

Corning Automated Manipulator Platform

Extending Biosafety Testing to Gene Therapy Products

Adeno-associated viruses, 3D illustration

DNA Methylation Found to Change over Time

Big genomic data visualization

Welcome Alternatives to Animal Testing

Scientist watching mice in laboratory

COVID-19 Therapeutic Discovery Using a Bioelectronic Assay

Scientists working in laboratories

Manufacturing of RCA-Free Adenoviral Vector Vaccines

Closeup of vaccine bottle with syringe and needle for immunization on vintage medical background, medicine and drug concept

Changing the Status Quo of Vaccine Production

LNP Assembly

How Cloud-Based Solutions Can Improve Your Lab Processes

Eppendorf staff

MET Signaling Proteins

Real-Time PCR 
Detection Systems

Multipurpose Safety Station

Microplate Sealing




Microsoft Lists

Six Up-and-Coming COVID-19 Vaccines

Inovio Pharmaceuticals lab

More than One Way to Fight Disease with Synbio Drugs


Overview of the Synthetic Biology Market

Genetic engineering and digital technology concept.

Synthetic Biology Brings Programmability to Drug Programs

synthetic biology made by combination of cell and gene code

Undruggable No Longer

Arvinas lab

The Multifaceted Challenge of Modeling Alzheimer’s Disease

Taconic Biosciences lab

Neuropsychiatric Drug Developers Show a Renewed Sense of Purpose


How Gene Editing Can Support Sustainable Agriculture


CRISPR-Cas Can Help Reduce Climate Change

CRISPR - Gloved Hands DNA

The State of Agbiotech

Rows of Iowa soybeans

Glycomics Applications Reinforce Precision Medicine

DNA and medical technology concept, biotechnology, gene recombination

PCR Gains New Powers and Broadens Its Clinical Remit

pcr device

PCR Gains Momentum with New Applications


Could Biobanks Be the New Frontier for Digital Health Research?

Genetic Engineering Digital Tech Concept

Nanocrystals Boost Bioenergetics and Restore Neuronal Health

Using In Vitro–In Vivo Extrapolation to Predict Human Clearance

RNA Coronavirus

Upcoming In Vivo Options for Studies of Addiction and Abuse

gene editing

Building a CAR-T Toolbox for More Comprehensive Assessment of Cell Therapies

leukocytes attacking a cancer cell

Three Key Factors Affecting Single-Cell Transcriptional Analysis

Single-Cell Functional Proteomics

ung cancer cells

Casting a Wider Net: How Spatial Omics Leads to New Discoveries

mouse brain

Overcoming Plasmid DNA Limitations In Advanced Therapy Manufacturing


Aptamers for Targeting 
SARS-CoV-2 Proteins

Six-Color Digital PCR System

SStilla Technologies PCR System

Low Maintenance Evaporator





40th Anniversary Recollections & Predictions

GEN October issue 40

GEN40 Luminaries in Biotech Contest

October 2021 GEN 40th Anniversary LUMINARIES IN BIOTECH contest collage

Cell Therapy Manufacturing Shifts to Automatic

-cell attaching to cancer cell

Adventures Leading to a Paradigm Shift in Healthcare

Leroy Hood

Those Were the Early Days My Friend, We Thought They’d Never End

Monoclonal Antibodies

A British Biotech Biopedia: Early Days in the U.K.

The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford, England

Building Data Ecosystems for Modern Biomedical Research

Making the Transition from an Academic to a Biobusiness Entrepreneur


Ethics Issues Remain Central to Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Biotech: Recalling Its Growing Pains and Celebrating Its Maturity

technical financial graph on technology abstract background

Biopharma Can Dispel the Fog of Data

It’s Time to Give the World’s Deadliest Disease Orphan Status


Appreciating the Size and Length of Clinical Trials for CVD Therapeutics

Heart beat

Bridging Cross-Disciplinary Gaps in RNA Therapy Discovery


Combining Molecular and Spatial Information to Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

Reshaping Cell and Gene Therapy Product Quality and Safety

Cancer cell and T cells, illustration

Securecell Launches Amphora: A New Product Range for Intelligent, Lucullus® Driven, Multi-Feed Control

Amphora Pumps and Amphora Scales

Can Yeast Be the Future of Large-Scale and Efficient Subunit Vaccine Manufacturing?

Overview: Manufacturing Adenoviral Vectors at Large Scale

Fast and Easy DNA Quantification for Next-Generation Sequencing


Predictive Modeling

Spike-In Standard Technology for ctDNA-Based NGS Hotspot Assays

Chromatography Resins

Dynamic Light Scattering to Determine Best Ceramics for Implants



SecondLook Histology


Enhancing Drug Development with Human Liver Spheroids

Spatial Transcriptomics Puts More Biology on the Map

spatial biology

CRISPR: New Techniques and Complex Models

blood smears from a humanized mouse model

The Point of Base Editors: Correcting Point Mutations

CRISPR-Based Therapeutics Blaze an In Vivo Path to the Clinic

Synthetic Biology Engineers the Next Genomic Revolution

high-throughput silicon platform

CAR T Cells: Off the Shelf and On the Mark

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells

CROs: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Going Global in Bigger Ways

BioAgilytix lab

Next-Generation Sequencing Drives Progress in Biopharma

Researcher at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s campus in Carlsbad, CA

CRISPR Applications in Medicine Depend on Minimizing Off-Target Editing

Clearing the Way for a Synthetic Biology Tipping Point

DNA Script lab

Synthetic DNA in Drug Discovery and Development

DNA Molecule Structure

CRISPR-Cas9 Technology Cuts Clutter from Sequencing Libraries

Jumpcode Genomics lab

Bringing Spatial Biology to the Clinic

mitre phenoptics spatial proximity analysis

Single-Cell Biology across Tissues

Rebus Esper

Streamlining Small Molecule Discovery With Torx™

Spatial Phenotyping Adds a New Dimension to Discovery Biology

voronoi diagrams