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Volume 40, Issue No. 08, August 2020

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Fully Automated Luxury Drug Discovery

Harnessing the Power of In Vitro Antibody Selection from Libraries

CRISPR Startups Give Genome Editing Several New Twists

snow, water, mountains, sky

Bioprocessing Warms to Artificial Intelligence

Boehringer Ingelheim lab

Overcoming Scale-Up Challenges in Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Avantor lab

Lysins Unlimited: Phages’ Secret Weapon

Liquid Biopsies Generate Ample Insights from Sparse Clues


Monte Carlo Simulations to Democratize COVID-19 Policies*

Biomanufacturing Makes Sense of the Industry 4.0 Concept

Merck Sharp & Dohme lab

Investing in 4.0 Makes Both Technological and Financial Sense

Genetic Research, A human sample being pipetted into a petri dish for genetic analysis sitting on DNA sequence

Bioprocessing 4.0 Demands (and Rewards) Fine-Tuned Coordination

laptop computer showing electronic components under the keyboard

BIA Separations Introduces PrimaS Multi-Mode Ligand Bioprocess Technology

Going “Cell Free” Can Put a Rush on COVID-19 Antibody Therapies

In-Depth GPCR Signaling Characterization for Improved Drug Discovery

Mu-opioid receptor

Empowering Biopharma for Full Bioprocess Development Automation

What to Consider When Choosing a SARS-CoV-2 Detection Assay

Risk Mitigation for Single-Use Frozen Distribution

Entegris lab

Novel Mice Models Produce Fully-Human Antibodies

Precoated Plates

Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

RNA Quantification Assay

Pathogen Detection Kit

Human Dx



Programming Hub

Moving Forward after Two Deaths in a Gene Therapy Trial of Myotubular Myopathy

Gene editing genes therapy concept with nurse and DNA lab technician medical