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Volume 40, Issue No. 04, April 2020

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Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Biotech Get Real

MIRO1 Protein Structure

Cell-Based Immunotherapies Do Battle With Solid Tumors

Chess board with cell pieces

Cancer Drug Discovery’s “RASzle-Dazzle”

Fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR)

Coordinating the Move to Bioprocessing 4.0

Bioprocessing 4.0

Sequencing’s Stars Urge Exploration of New Dimensions

genome map

As Needs Change, the CRO Industry Adapts


Making the Most of a CDMO Relationship

Fujifilm lab

Bioprocessing 4.0 from a Contract Manufacturing Perspective

Pharmaceutical Bioreactors

AI Brings Precision to Cancer Immunotherapy

Jonathan Ponder

Immunotherapy Gets Up Close and Personal

CAR T cell immunotherapy, illustration

Infiltrating Solid Tumor Strongholds

Microbiome May Join Immunotherapy-Boosting Efforts

Model of gut microbiome

Genetically Edited Cell Lines Enter the Fast Lane


A New Lease on Life for shRNA

man and woman in lab

Facilitating Immunotherapy Development

JAX abstract oncology

The Primary Avenue for CRISPR — a New Route for Cell Screening

Horizon lab

Protein Labeling Kit

Protein Labeling Kit

Semiauotmatic Septum Cap or Sealing Mat Applicator

Semiautomatic Septum Cap or Sealing Mat Applicator

Watching Cancer Immunotherapy Work in Real Time

Agilent bxcell

Multiplexed Bulk Cytokine Data

Multiplexed Bulk Cytokine Data

Catalent Experiences Significant Growth Across Its Entire Biologics Portfolio

Catalent lab

Humanized Models for Immunotherapy Development


Upstream Intensification with High-Density Cell Cryopreservation

Entegris high-density cell banking

High–Content Screening System

High–Content Screening System

The Many Hats of Neoantigen Peptides in Precision Medicine

MachoImmunotherapy Concept

BioReliance® End-to-End Solutions from MilliporeSigma





Virtual Learning Academy 3D

Virtual Learning Academy 3D



Catching Up to Coronavirus: Top 60 Treatments in Development

Top 10 Immuno-Oncology Startups of 2019

Cancer Cell destruction