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Volume 40, Issue No. 10, October 2020

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Spatial: The Next Omics Frontier

Gene Therapy Startups Extend Biotech’s Legacy

Generation Bio gene therapy platform

Viral or Nonviral: Which Is Better for CRISPR-Based Therapies?

The Chronicles of CRISPR

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Host Cell Protein Analysis Informs Risk Assessment

Ag Biotech Poised to Start a New Green Revolution

Mechanisms behind Neurological Conditions Revealed

Researchers at C2N Diagnostics

Redesigning the Global Food Supply

aeroponics laboratory at Calyxt

A CDMO’s Perspective on AAV Vector Production

Adeno-associated viruses

Synthetic DNA Manufacturer has the “Write Stuff”

Twist Biosciences lab

The Importance of Transient Antibody Expression in a Pandemic Response

Figure 1. Antibody manufacturing methods.

Redefining AAV Manufacturing: The Time Is Now

Adeno-associated virus, illustration

Ensuring Single-Use Product Safety and Compliance by Accessing Extractables Data

Neuroscience Services for Disease Modeling and Treatment Development

Going Human: Finding the Right Humanized Model for You

Precise, Translational Delivery for CNS Gene Therapies

Scientific Workflows



Optical Power Meter

Automated Storage System

High-throughput COVID-19 Detection

Custom Service for Influenza Antigens

Sub Ambient Synthesis of Novel Gold Organometallic Somplexes

Personal Benchtop Evaporator for DMSO & DMF Samples

Differentiation of Human iPS and ES Cells

2D-Barcoded NMR Tube Scanner

Sterile Deep Well Plates

Inflammation in the Liver Reversed by Metformin

Liver disease