GEN Magazine

, Volume 40

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Genomics Analysis Moves to the Next Level

DNA workers

Advanced Computational Methods Drive Large-Scale Data Analysis in 4D


Viral Clearance in the Manufacture of Biologics

Viral Testing in the Era of Continuous Biomanufacturing and COVID-19

researcher and bioreactor

Viral Safety Testing: Keeping the Fly Out of the Ointment

CDMOs Forge Links to Next-Gen Antibody Conjugates


Gene Editing Startups Cut Fine Therapeutic Figures

Genome editing

Targeted Protein Destruction: Advances in PROTACs Other Degraders

tumor suppressor

Enhancing Regulatory Approval in Bioprocessing

Next-Generation Labs Power Life Sciences Innovation

Researchers using microscope in laboratory

Technological Threefold Way Leads to Biological Wisdom

Think Differently about Your Molecular Diagnostics Supply Chain

Viral Clearance Prediction with a New Process Development Tool

Can CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag Replace ChIP-Seq?

Device for Screening Chemical Reactions under High Pressure

Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES) Analyzer

Motorized Optical Stand

Tertiary Analysis Appliance

Self-Service Data Analysis

High-Resolution Chromatography Flow Meter

Multi-Experiment Flow System for Reaction Optimization

Prime It DNA Game

Nervous System Reference Guide


IsoSpark, IsoLight, and IsoSpark Duo: Accelerating the Next Big Breakthrough in Immune Medicine


With Synthetic Biology Nature Is All Business

healthy food on a plate

Biobanks Are Becoming Data Banks in the Era of Personalized Medicine

PerkinElmer’s automation solutions

Cryopreservation to Improve Cell Manufacturing and Biobanking

removing human cell from liquid nitrogen

Enabling Scientific Discovery and Healthcare with Biobanks


Biomarkers Show the Power of Contextualization

Biology Cube

Spheroids, Organoids Replacing Standard Cultures for Cell-Based Assays


Precision Medicines That Are Tailored and Off-the-Rack

Orgenesis research institute

Digital PCR as a Universal Molecular Diagnostic Standard


The True (If Circuitous) Path to Stem Cell Cures

stem cell

Leveraging Machine Learning to Advance Precision Medicine

Precision Metabolomics™ platform

Metabolomics Tools Adapt to Meet Researchers’ Needs

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Compound Discoverer software

Immune Profiling System Redirected in Light of COVID-19

Adarza BioSystems’ lab

How the Right In Vitro Biological Model Can Drive Success in Drug Discovery

Research scientists working at bench

Gaining New Insight on Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Signaling and Pharmacology

Argonaute protein and microRNA

Insights from an Industry Forum: Reducing Cost of Goods for Gene Therapy

DNA and Dollar symbol

PAT Solutions for the Future of Bioprocessing 4.0


BioIVT: Ethical Procurement Matters for Quality Human Biospecimens

Accelerating the Translation of Genomic Insight to Therapeutics

DNA Data

Support System for Laboratory Scale Reactions

Compact Capillary Electrophoresis System

Sterile 96-Well Plate Seal for Cell Culturing

Automation for Small Biobanks

AAVX Titer Kit

Hydrophilic Vyon® Plastics Demonstrate Outstanding Performance for Drug Discovery Applications.

Freezing Solutions for Clinical Application of Cell Therapy Products


National Museum of Natural History Virtual Tour


Mathematica: COVID-19

Discovery of New Immune Cell Type May Unlock Strategies against Neurological Disorders and CNS Damage


CRISPR Pioneers Doudna and Charpentier Win 2020 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Doudna Charpentier

Concentrating and Releasing Drugs in the Brain with Pinpoint Accuracy

Brain graphic

Spatial: The Next Omics Frontier

Gene Therapy Startups Extend Biotech’s Legacy

Generation Bio gene therapy platform

Viral or Nonviral: Which Is Better for CRISPR-Based Therapies?

The Chronicles of CRISPR

alternate image for cover

Host Cell Protein Analysis Informs Risk Assessment

Ag Biotech Poised to Start a New Green Revolution

Mechanisms behind Neurological Conditions Revealed

Researchers at C2N Diagnostics

Redesigning the Global Food Supply

aeroponics laboratory at Calyxt

A CDMO’s Perspective on AAV Vector Production

Adeno-associated viruses

Synthetic DNA Manufacturer has the “Write Stuff”

Twist Biosciences lab

The Importance of Transient Antibody Expression in a Pandemic Response

Figure 1. Antibody manufacturing methods.

Redefining AAV Manufacturing: The Time Is Now

Adeno-associated virus, illustration

Ensuring Single-Use Product Safety and Compliance by Accessing Extractables Data

Neuroscience Services for Disease Modeling and Treatment Development

Going Human: Finding the Right Humanized Model for You

Precise, Translational Delivery for CNS Gene Therapies

Scientific Workflows


Optical Power Meter


Automated Storage System

High-throughput COVID-19 Detection

Custom Service for Influenza Antigens

Sub Ambient Synthesis of Novel Gold Organometallic Somplexes

Personal Benchtop Evaporator for DMSO & DMF Samples

Differentiation of Human iPS and ES Cells

2D-Barcoded NMR Tube Scanner

Sterile Deep Well Plates

Inflammation in the Liver Reversed by Metformin

Liver disease

Cold Cases Heat Up with New Forensic DNA Methods

Othram Wall

CRISPR Value Chains Support New Therapeutic Strategies

CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing complex, illustration

Nonviral CRISPR Delivery Vehicles Lay the Smart Siege

ultrasound-controlled nanomaterials

Multimodal Screening—The Future of Drug Discovery and Development

Drug Targets Identified More Discerningly

Huntington’s disease

Genetic Engineering, No Virus Required

CAR T-Cell Optimization Starts in Production, Extends to Therapy

cancer cell

Nanopore Sequencing Looks to the Long Haul

Oxford Nanopore Technologies lab

Catch RNA Splicing Errors to Envision Novel Correctives

Self-splicing RNA intron, molecular model

Real-Time Potency Assay for CAR T-Cell Killing of Cancer Cells

CAR T cell immunotherapy, illustration

Bioequivalence, Bioassays, and Biowaivers: How Integrated Testing Can Accelerate Generic Drug Development

Female scientist examining bottle in research lab

Data Robustness and Reproducibility in Gene Editing Applications: Today’s Limits and Tomorrow’s Potential

BioP DNA and Cells header image 210x150mm

Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Heading for Tons of Quantity in Annual Supply Need

Chris Coffin of Ionis Pharmaceuticals