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Volume 39, Issue No. 09, September 2019

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Going Viral: The Next Generation of AAV Vectors

Spark Therapeutics technician

Looking Into a Crystal Ball

Ronald G. Crystal, MD,

Liquid Biopsies Intensify Surveillance of ctDNA

Lexent Bio lab

Drug–Drug Interaction Studies Look Beyond CYP Activity

Female scientist pipetting sample into a vial for analytical testing in a lab

Downstream Processing of Complex Molecules, Pure and Simple

Scientists at Texcell North America

3D Bioprinting Makes the Imitation Matrix Real

Rat Lung Epithelial Cells

Molecular Diagnostics Picks Up the Pace

Unaligned DNA sequences as shown on an LCD screen

Proteins May Be Nipped (or Nurtured) in the Translational Bud

Fluorescent Tags

For Clinical Utility, Exosomes Require New Isolation and Analysis Tools


Considerations for 3D Spheroid Formation and Imaging

Corning DD Tutorial Spheroid

Leap-In Transposases and Transposons Accelerate Cell Line Development


Meeting the Challenge of Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Pall’s Mustang® XT Chromatography Capsules

Cellaca MX Takes Automated Cell Counting to the Next Level

Nexcelom’s CellacaTM MX high-throughput automated cell counter

The Rebel Accelerates Process-Development Cycles and Maximizes Bioreactor Utilization

908 Devices employees

RNAseq Analysis in R

Cancer Research UK screenshot

Micro Columns

High-Capacity Rotor

Metals Analyzer


PROMISCUOUS screenshot

Classical Genetics Simulator

Classical Genetics Simulator screenshot

Bioprocessing Software

Electronic Batch Recording

Flow Cytometry

Federation of European Neuroscience Societies

FENS Best of the Web


Top 50 NIH-Funded Institutions of 2019