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Volume 39, Issue No. 08, August 2019

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Medical Cannabis Poses Unique Testing Challenges

Woman in SC Labs

Single-Use Technology Has Biopharma Sizing Up the Recycling Bin

MilliporeSigma M Lab Collaboration Center

Microfluidics Stands on the Shoulders of Microfab Giants

Microfluidic lab-on-a-chip

A Finger on the Pulse of Genome Editing

Genome Editing

Paper-Based Immunoassays Gain Currency

ASTAR Paper Based Immunoassay

GEN August 2019 Digital Supplement

Synthetic Biology Goes to Nature…and Beyond

Synthetic Nanoecosystem

YMC Strengthens Continuous Expertise via Acquisitions

YMC Continuous Processing

Smart Manufacturing Widens Pharma’s Horizons technology lab

Biomanufacturing Expands Its Comfort Zone

Monoclonal Antibodies

Next-Gen Bioprocessing

All Roads Lead to Continuous Processing

Repligen’s XCell™ ATF cell retention devices

Let Trees Lead the Battle against Climate Change


Coming Soon: GMP-Grade Authentic Recombinant Human Proteins

Protein Tech Lab

Automated Reproducible Dendritic Cell Production

Dendritic cell and T-lymphocytes, illustration

How to Improve Your Biomanufacturing Skills

Jefferson University Lab

Advancing Quality Control in the Cannabis and Hemp Industries

Fledgling Steps toward Regenerative Medicine Superpowers

RoosterBio scientists

N-of-One, QIAGEN Take Precision Drug Development to the Next Level

Close-Up Of Arrow In Bulls Eye

Nucleic Acid Extraction: Extremely Fast, Extremely Simple, Extremely Effective

transparent structure model

The OmniAb® Platform: Human Sequence Antibodies from Mouse, Rat and Chicken

OmniChicken® systems

Cloud-Based Water Monitoring

Oncology’s Fifth Pillar: Cellular Immunotherapy


Accelerating Forward Engineering at Genome Scale

Doctor examines DNA molecules.

Single-Cell Protocols

Increasing HD-BIOP3 Seeding Efficiencies Using the VIPS™

purple cells floating

Multichannel Pipettes

Routine Proteome Analysis Using 50-cm Micropillar Array Columns

Lab computer screen

Sample Tubes

Single-Use Bioreactor

Laboratory Balances

Sample Decapper

Protein Characterization

From the Editor in Chief

Postsynaptic Simulator

EduCalc Classic



Gilead Expands Galapagos Stake, Filgotinib Role, Pipeline Access in $5.1B R&D Collaboration

Multiple Sclerosis Patients’ Cerebrospinal Fluid Offers New Clues for Potential Therapeutic Strategies

Top 10 Biopharma IPOs of January–June 2019