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Volume 39, Issue No. 07, July 2019

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CRISPR-Accelerated Gene Drives Pump the Brakes

mosquito insectary

CRISPR Cinema: Scenes from the Cutting Edge

Boy with MS from Human Nature movie.

Immunotherapy Targets Emerging Infectious Diseases

Single-Cell Sequencing Sifts through Multiple Omics

single cell analysis

Bioreactor Design Adapts to Biopharma’s Changing Needs

Xcellerex XDR MO Fermentor Systems

Liquid Biopsy Technologies Diversify in Expanding CTC Field

Epic Sciences’ Functional Cell Profiling (FCP)

Single-Cell Explorations Are Underway, and Spatial Is the Next Frontier

Full-Length Transcript Sequencing—No Assembly Required


Plasma Proteomics with NanoLC-MS

TATA box-binding protein complex

Advanced Mass Spectrometry Drives Translational Cancer Biomarker Research beyond Discovery

Scientists using a mass spectrometer for molecualr analysis. Proteins are ionised by vaporisation then studied by the relative weight of the diferent ions

CRISPR: Will It Create a Utopia or a Brave New World?


Achieving Unique Synergies in Antibody Expression

Immunoglobulin G antibody molecule

Setting New Standards for CRO/CDMO Industry

National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Sample Drying System

Benchtop Bioreactor System

Tube Recapper

Purified C-Reactive Protein

The Drug-Gene Interaction Database

Bristol-Myers Squibb Immuno-Oncology

Glass Bottom Microplates

Network Glia

Biological Safety Cabinets

Verifiable 2D Coded Tube Selection System

Compact Multi-Channel Spectrophotometer

Splendid Isolation for Cells Screened via High-Throughput Microfluidics


Vertex Grows Gene Editing Presence, Acquiring Exonics and Expanding CRISPR Therapeutics Collaboration

Video Game Challenges Citizen Scientists to Become Protein Designers

25 Up-and-Coming Gene Therapies of 2019

Man climbing up DNA