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Volume 39, Issue No. 06, June 2019

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Fighting the Dangerous Increase of Multidrug-Resistant Microbes


The Microbiome: Here, There, and Everywhere

Axial Biotherapeutics lab

New Vaccine Expected to Play Major Role in Battle against Malaria


Lipidomics Enriches Multiomics

Doctor preparing a vaccine for an injection

Continuous Processing Requires a Rethink of Viral Strategies

Mass Spec Nails Down Elusive Proteomic Forms

Gene Editing Startups Fabricate Industrial-Grade CRISPR Tools

Inscripta eGenesis Lab

Single-Use Technology: Enjoy the Upsides, Handle the Downsides


Expanding the Scope of Single-Use Technologies

virus filtration system

Single-Use Bioprocessing Continues to Go Global

Biopharma Keeps Shifting the Steel–Plastic Balance

ContiVir research project

Sydney Brenner: A Fundamental Man

Sydney Brenner

See-Through Spectroscopy Is on the Move

STRam by B&W Tek

Targeting Epigenetic Enzymes for Drug Discovery and Development

Life science researcher in laboratory

Will Testing for Tumor Mutational Burden Bring the Same Challenges as Testing for PD-L1?

The Move toward Biopharma 4.0

Scientist in a clean room


Lucetta™ 2 Luminometer

Anti-Eculizumab Antibodies

BioRad AntiEculizumab Antibodies

RNA-Seq Reagent Kit

Dolomite scRNA Seq Reagent Kit

Genomics Giant BGI Expands into Protein Mass Spectrometry

BGI lab

Vacuum Vortex Evaporator

BioChromato Smart Evaporator

Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit

Apostle MiniMaxTM High Efficiency Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit

EBV Antigens

Five new recombinant Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) antigens

Standardized Plasmid DNA Available On-Demand

Aldevron logo

Particle Size Analyzer

NanoBrook Omni instrument

Information Marking System for Labware

AFYS3G Lambda8

The Power of PSI in Evaluating CAR-T Therapy

Cancer cell and T cell, illustration

Facilitating Best Practices in Microbiome Research

eppendorf lab

Microscope Counter

Microscope Counter screenshot

Sandpiper Gene Search

Sandiper screenshot


eBird screenshot

FX Calculus Problem Solver

FXCalculus screenshot

Cellular Stress, Not Infection, May Rouse Slumbering MS-Linked Retroviruses

Multiple sclerosis

Inhibiting Ribosomal Biogenesis Opens New Path to Cancer Therapy

Increased Ribosome Biogenesis

Top 10 Under 40 of 2019

businessman and woman scientists in lab