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Volume 39, Issue No. 04, April 2019

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Functional Ultrasound

Linear DNA Crosses the Line between Tags and Therapeutics

Nucleic Acid Extraction: Extremely Fast, Extremely Simple, Extremely Effective

Structure model

CRISPR and Beyond: Advances in Gene Therapy

CRISPR research in laboratory

Epigenetic Therapies Return Cells to the Straight and Narrow


Adding Artificial Intelligence to Drug Discovery

The Risky Business of Embryo Selection

human egg

A Shot in the Arm for Vaccine Manufacturing

vaccine manufacturing

Natural Killer Cells Emerge as an Anticancer Alternative to T Cells

lymphocytes attacking a cancer cell

MilliporeSigma’s BioContinuum™ Platform

MilliporeSigma’s BioContinuum™ Platform

Supporting Life Science with an Empire State of Mind

New York

Enhancing Downstream Processing of Biologics or Gene Therapies

Figure 3

Bioanalytical Systems Reach Outer Space, Yet Stay Down to Earth

ImageXpress® Pico Automated Cell Imaging System

Nanopore Sequencing Takes Another Quantum Step

DOLPHIN Imaging System Dives into Early Cancer Detection

Selfish Genetic Elements Hasten Aging Process

Carer helping man put on dressing gown

Cutting-Edge Biotechs Need Cutting-Edge Software

CRISPR Jump-Starts Gene Therapy

CRISPR gene editing

Recoding for Life: An Interview with One of Gene Therapy’s High Fliers

Bluebird Bio’s investigational gene therapy process

How CRISPR Is Revolutionizing Screening Technology


CRISPR Screens: The Right Tool for the Job

Finding Her Niche: An Interview with Emmanuelle Charpentier

Emmanuelle Charpentier, PhD

Driven by a Passion to Enable Science

Novel Modifications and High-Purity Guides Enhance CRISPR Performance

Engineering Meets Biology


ASCO Guidelines

Physiology Animations


HIV-HCV Drug Therapy Guide

Buffer Reagents

24-Channel Pipetting Heads

Bench-Scale Chromatography System

Tube Rack Reader

Hepatitis C mAbs

Glycoanalysis Enzyme

Flask Heater

Freeze Drying System

Top 15 Best-Selling Drugs of 2018

Money and Medication