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Volume 39, Issue No. 11, November 2019

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Synthetic Biology Seizes New Ground in Healthcare

CytoSeek Protein and Peptide

Agrigenomics Yields a Next-Gen Cornucopia


Protein-Protein Interactions Get a New Groove On

protein–protein interactions

Machine Learning Enhances Cytometry Analysis

Cytobank’s cloud-based software platform

Biomarker Specialists Team Up, Run Up the Companion Diagnostics Score

At Left. A multiplexed pharmacodynamics assay was developed recently to assess immune checkpoint inhibitor–targeted CD8 activation and tumor colocalization in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues. The assay, which used oligo-conjugated antibodies supplied by Ultivue, achieved multiplex staining of CD8 (red), CD3z-pY142 (yellow), β-catenin (cyan), and Zap70-pY493 (not shown) on bead-activated CD3 cells from tissue spiked with interferon-γ-induced ACHN tumor cell lines. Staining of β-catenin allowed tumor cells to be differentiated from immune cells. Arrows point to CD8 cells that are CD3z-pY142+, indicating T-cell receptor activation.

Scale-Out Plus Single-Use Can Multiply Yields

FlexFactory, GE Healthcare’s single-use technology platform

Surveying the Tear Proteome to Stratify Glaucoma Patients

Opportunities and Challenges in Cell and Gene Therapy Development*

T cells around a cancer cell

New Double-Stranded Twist on NGS Adds More Depth to Each Run


A Novel Endotoxin-Free Microbial Expression System

Bacillus subtilis

How Effective Buffer Management Facilitates Biopharmaceutical Production

scientists in clean room

Next-Generation Centrifuge

Thermo Fisher Scientific Centrifuge

Improve your Gene Editing Success with CRISPR-SNIPER Technology


RenMab™ Mouse Set to Become the Leading Platform for Generating Human Antibodies

White mouse in laboratory


Animal Tracker screenshot

Rubella Virus–Like Particles

The Native Antigen Company's Rubella VLP

Single-Tube Code Reader

Micronic Single Tube Reader

Protein Clean-Up Microplate

Porvair P3 Microplate

Human Coagulation Antigens and Antibodies

The Binding Site Human Coagulation Antigens and Antibodies

Open Ephys

Bioinformatics Is the Pathway to Fully Realized Precision Medicine

Genetic Research

Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center

Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center screenshot

Smart Microscope

Zeiss Smart Microscopes

Brainspan: Atlas of the Developing Human Brain

Brainspan screenshot

Cold Block

Asynt DrySyn ChilliBlock

Automated Cryo-Electron Microscopy Sample Prep

TPP Labtech Cryo Sample Prep System