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Volume 39, Issue No. 10, October 2019

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Better Living through Molecular Neuropharmacology


CRISPR Dx May Help Nix Disease

paper test strip

Modular Bioprocessing Makes Adaptability a Snap

FlexAct automation platform

In AI We Trust? The Future of Genomic Medicine

Data behind outline of man with DNA surrounding him

A Nanomedicine Technology Sampler Pack


GEN October 2019 Digital Supplement

Gene Therapies Are Being Brought to a Wider Audience

suspension culture in MilliporeSigma lab

Wound Healing Facilitated by Birth Tissue Products

proprietary cryopreservation process

Cell Therapy Manufacturing Tries “Building the Plane While Flying It”

Lonza manufacturing suite

Knocking the Rough Edges Off T-Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Mustang Bio laboratory

Energy Transfers Reveal Kinetics of Intracellular Binding

Using Alternating Tangential Flow with Fed-Batch Cultures

Jae Kim, ATF Lab - SU Repligen

Expanding the CRISPR Toolkit

DNA Technologies Assay Tutorial Figure 1

Clinical Variant Analysis for Cancer

ovarian cancer cells

Improving CAR-T Cell Precision Bioprocessing with Functional Proteomics

Isoplexis' ISO Light

Ultracentrifuge Designs Enable Linear Process Scaling

Alfa Wassermann logo


Mendeley app

Polyfunctionality Correlates with In Vivo Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapies

Two women in IsoPlexis lab

Biologically-Validated A.I. Yields Breakthrough in Cardiovascular Disease

Tom Chittenden

E. coli Host Cell Protein Kit

host cell protein (HCP) kit

Hybrid Tubes

hybrid tubes

Controlled Rate Freezer

BioCool V40

Next-Generation Light Scattering: Determining AAV Titer with Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering

Malvern Panalytical Empyrean Students

The Most Published Models in Neurobiology

Jackson Labs sponsored content mouse model

Ultra-Flat, Quartz Bottomed Microplates

Black Krystal UV quartz-bottomed microplates

Monoclonal Antibody for Rubella Testing

Rubella MAb R22T

Plate Reader

Spark® Cyto

Single-Use, Fixed-Bed Bioreactors


Microsatellite Instability ddPCR Assay

Droplet Digital PCR Microsatellite Instability (MSI) RUO assay

Mysteries of Fractal

Mysteries of Fractal app


CDC app

Wolfram Statistics Course Assistant

Wolfram Statistics Course Assistant app

Reversible TB Gene Mutation Finding May Lead to Improved Therapies

Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria

Catalog of Human Gut Bacteria Expected to Advance Microbiome Research

Gut bacteria word collage

Top 10 Companies Leveraging Gene Editing in 2019

DNA with dollar symbols