GEN Magazine

, Volume 37

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Website Content from This Issue


MALDI-MS Detection Schemes Hasten Drug Development

MALDI-MS Detection Schemes Hasten Drug Development

Real-Time Discrimination of Immune Cell Function and Fate

Pepide-Based Delivery of Recombinant Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Viral Safety Copes with Complexity

3D-Bioprinting Conference Showcases Versatility

Turning Cell Signaling against Cancer

To Gild the Microbe Is Anything but Wasteful

Supplement: Best of CRISPR 2017

Supplement: Applications of Novel CRISPR Tools

Ducted/Ductless Fume Hoods

Raising the Bar of Cell Line Authentication

Cell-Free DNA Drives Liquid Biopsy Testing

Avoiding Costly Errors in Bioassay Development

CRISPR Tools Grow in Sophistication

Unlocking the Potential of CRISPR-Based Gene Editing

Mobile and Modular Labs Offer Control and Speed

Cell and Gene Therapies: Industry Faces Potential Capacity Shortages

Achieve QbD by Managing Impurity Data

Take Liquid Biopsy and Other Apps in Hand

Expediting the Creation of Mouse Models


Single-Cell Analysis Platform

Clinical Flow Cytometry: Detection and Diagnosis

High-Content Analysis through 3D Screening

Weighing Protein Expression Levels with Cell Growth

GEN Roundup: Strategies to Support Consistent Transfection Protocols

Scanning Fungal Warscapes for Drug Candidates

Better Cell Sorting through Sound


Rapid Screening for the Zygosity of CRISPR Mutations

Single-Cell Printing for Establishing Monoclonality

Perspectives on Flow Cytometry

The Rise of Single-Cell Genomics


Cancer Immunotherapy Spurs Work on Better Animal Models

Antibody Characterization Balances Rigor and Reason

Bioprocess Control Specialist Focuses on Single-Use Sensors

Lonza Upgrades Live-Cell Imaging System

Real-Time, Bioluminescent Apoptosis Assay

Examining Inflammatory Cytokines in Serum and Plasma

Screening to Small-Scale GMP Biomanufacture


Copy Number Variation Probes Inform Diverse Applications


Taking Lab Automation to the Next Level

Gene Control Specialist Expands Its U.K. Production Facilities

High-Throughput Single-Cell RNA-Seq of Large Cells and Nuclei

Evaluation of an Automated Cryovial Dispensing System for Cell Banking

Positioning Digital PCR for Sharper Genomic Views


Bending the Cost and Time Curve of Drug Development through the Use of Biomarkers

Coaxing Cell Lines to Be More Productive

GEN Roundup: The Long and Short of NGS Sample Preparation

Advertorial: Accelerating Therapeutic Development and Manufacturing

Advertorial: Peptone Consistency through Modern Manufacturing Operations

Advertorial: Quantitate Protein Abundance at Endogenous Levels

Supplement: Viral Safety – Mitigate Your Risk

Supplement: Advances in Upstream Technologies Reduce Viral-Contamination Risks

Supplement: Viral Safety in Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing

Supplement: Laying the Foundation for Viral Safety

Supplement: Keeping Up with Viral Safety Trends in Bioprocessing

Supplement: Upstream Virus Safety: Protect Your Bioreactor by Media Filtration

Supplement: Utility of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) for Biosafety Assessment of Biological Products

Precision Medicine: A Bold Initiative Grows More Iterative

Solving the Puzzle of Cell Culture Optimization

Culture Flasks

GEN Roundup: Multiplex Immunoassays Bring the Array, Not the Disarray

DWK Focuses on Combining the Powers of Three

Back to Basics: Using ELISA Kits for Bioprocess Optimization

Determining Stability of mAb Formulations


Supplement: Continuous Bioprocessing Is Coming

Supplement: Integrated Continuous Manufacturing of Biologics

Supplement: Continuous Bioprocessing: Is It for Everyone?

GE Upstream Process Intensification

Supplement: Moving toward Continuous Bioprocessing

Supplement: Bioburden Control in Continuous Capture of Monoclonal Antibodies

Supplement: Single-Use Sensors in Continuous Bioprocessing

Supplement: MilliporeSigma Sees Opportunity in Continuous Processing

Supplement: Insulin Increases Influenza Virus Yield

Gene Drives Steer toward Road Tests

Big Data from Images of Tiny Tissue Samples

Process Performance Software

Genome Engineering: Center Positions Minnesota as North Star of Genome Engineering


Vironova Automates Virus Particle Analysis

Intact Mass Analysis of Complex Therapeutic Proteins under Native Conditions

Protein Characterization Confronts Complex Samples

Examining a Petri Dish

Genome Engineering Extras

Genome Engineering: A Guild for Sharing Genomic Know-How

Genome Engineering: Many Ways to Beat Genome Writer’s Block

Genome Engineering: CRISPR Proving More User-Friendly

Using Epitope Mapping to Derive More Value from mAbs

Using Single Plasma Cells to Generate High-Quality Antibodies

High-Throughput Antibody Characterization

Achieving Process Intensification with Single-Pass TFF

Histone Modification at Core of Epigenetic Control

Sensors Coming with More Options

Antibody Therapeutics Hinder Immune Evasion

To Surge or Not to Surge?

Chip Reprograms Skin into Any Cell Type