GEN Magazine

, Volume 36

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Antibody Validation Stakeholders Speak

Speedy Sepsis Dx via Molecular Markers


Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Growing Rapidly in China

Detecting Circulating miRNA Biomarkers

“Smart” Technology Can Transform Biomanufacturing

3D Bioprinting Revolution Solidifies Gains

Chase Down Viruses, Keep Them at Bay

Signal Hacking Can Foil Celljacking

Diverse Approaches to Single-Cell Analysis

Supplement: Circumventing Cancer Cells’ Defenses

Supplement: Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine Roundup

Supplement: Treating “Solid” Tumors with CAR T Cells

Supplement: Developing Biomarkers for Improved Therapeutics

Supplement: Immunotherapy Encompasses More Than Immuno-oncology

Epigenetic Targets for Drug Development

GEN Roundup: Taking the Pulse of Flow Cytometry

Cell-Line Denial Is Too Costly, Authenticate!

The Genomic Genius of SMRT Sequencing

They’re “In”: OligoRx-Studded Nanoparticles

Pipetting In Lab

Simpler Yet Sensitive Glucose Uptake Assay

Enabling Viral Vaccine Production

Faster, Higher-Titer Bioproduction

With Biomarkers, Don’t Trust, Just Verify

Hollow Fiber System Biomanufacturing

Toward Troubleshooting the Connectome

Expedited Delivery of RNAi Therapeutics

Scientist Lab

Therapeutic iPSCs Go Mainstream

The New Bioassay Frontier

timsTOF MS for Life Science Problem Solving

Detecting Neuroinflammation Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Priming Cell Lines for Peak Performance

UVC LEDs Enhance Chromatography Applications

Lighting the Way, Optogenetically

Short stories to peruse–with info you might use…

Tackling Diverse Liver Diseases with a Versatile Cell Therapy

Developing Dendritic Cell-Based Cancer Vaccines

Deeper Understanding of Liquid Biopsy Samples

Downstream Issues Still Beset Production

Innovative Film Excels in Cold Temperatures

GEN Roundup: No Detail Is Too Small in Bioprocess Scaleup

Molecular Dx Has Your (Copy) Number

Humanizing Animals for Immuno-Oncology

Transcript-Savvy Discovery Is a Smart Bet

Advertorial: Bio-Techne

biotechne logo

Advertorial: Cisbio Bioassays

Advertorial: OriGene Technologies

Advertorial: Solabia

Advances in Next-Generation Sequencing

Dynamic Shifts in Precision Medicine

GEN Roundup: PCR from the Lab to the Point of Care

Optimizing Protein Expression

Better Protein-Polymer Hybrids

DNA-Free CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing

Rapid, Sensitive Cancer Biomarker Screening in cfDNA

Detect Rare Alleles in NGS with Molecular Tags

Average Batch Failure Rate Worsens

Novel Concept for Production of mAbs

Swiping and Tapping for Better Health

Post-Translational Icing on the Biologics Cake


GEN Roundup: Immunoassays: Life Science Critical Tools

3D Cell Culture Draws Drug Developers’ Interest

Research Antibody Reproducibility

Here’s an Inside Tip for DNA Extraction

Breaking New Ground in Molecular Imaging

Mitotoxicity Testing in 3D Liver Microtissues

Upstream Tools Hasten Product Development

sartorius lab

Hiring Difficulties Compound Downstream Processing Woes


Novel Genetically Engineered CHO Cells

Optimizing Bioprocess Operations

Gene Editing Gives Gene Therapy a Rewrite

Pharmacogenetics Informs Clinical Practice

Awaken Dormant DNA, Epigenetically

See the Bioprocess, Be the Bioprocess

Protect Stem Cell Science from Stem Cell Quackery

An “in Hand” Assay Is at Hand

Gene Therapy 2016: The Pipeline Is Swelling

Biochemical Assays for Epigenetic Enzymes

Screening the Membrane Proteome

How to Efficiently Shake Viscous Culture Broths

On-Line Optical Cell Biomass Monitoring

Dynamic Shifts in Protein Profiling

The Ally Within the Enemy Within

Microbial Platforms Set for Rapid Growth

Stem Cells and the Frozen Zoo

Quantifying the Potency of Cancer Immunotherapies

Development of a Homogeneous RSV Neutralization Assay

Media Pairing for Improving Production

Sift, Sort, Seize Transcriptomic Gold

GEN Roundup: Context-Enriched Cell-Based Assays

Petri Dishes

Plastic or Steel, Bioreactors Aim to Put Quality First

Sequencing Boosts Standard of Care

Peptide Therapies Are Due for a Gut Check

If “Overall” Underwhelms, Try RNA-Seq

Homing In on Directed Imaging Platforms

Driving Down Healthcare Spending

Getting the Hang of 3D Liver Microtissues

JHL Biotech Opens Biosimilars Facility

The Rise of Rejuvenation Biotechnology

Engineering the Right Microplate for Tomorrow’s Therapeutics