GEN Magazine

, Volume 35

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

The Naturome Awaits the Nurturome

A Holistic Approach to Viral Clearance

Pharmacist Checking Drugs

Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears a Biopharma CEO’s Crown

Deep Learning Gets to the Bottom of Disease

GEN Roundup: Getting a Sense of Where Flow Might Go

Chatting with a Neuron

Monitoring Dynamic Cancer Cell Behavior

Surface Resonance Sensing Is All the Buzz

Applications Expand for HTRF Assays

Large-Scale Purification of Proteins

Continuous Bioprocessing in Operation

Cell-Free DNA Prospecting Starts to Pan Out

More Than a ChIP-Seq Off the Old Genomic Block

GEN Roundup: Optimizing Your ADME/Tox Operations

Promises, Promises, and Cell Lines

Cultivating a Drug Discovery Ecosystem

How Healthy Is My Cell Culture?

Lateral Flow Nanoparticles

Tool for Dry Powder Media Identification

Immunotherapy Tightens the Siege of Solid Tumors

Are CMOs Really Going to See a Capacity Pinch?

The Pons Asinorum of Diagnostic Genomics

qPCR-Based Library Quantitation

Cell-Line Optimization: Nature or Nurture?

Throwing Cancer a One-Two Combo

Measuring Volume Changes in Screening Plates

Biosimilar Manufacturing Challenges

Novel Method for Glycoprotein Expression

Arivale Brings Genomics to the People

Pure Innovation Drives Clinical-Grade NGS

The Lowdown on Scale-Up Mismatches

FDA Nominee Driven by “Data, Data, Data”

Metagenomics Digs Up Microbiome Riches

Exploring Protein Phosphorylation

Molecular Indexing with Precise Assays

Rating the BactoVessel Single-Use System

Upping CHO and HEK-293 Cell Productivity

Tumor Models Bridge Mouse-Human Gap

Advertorial: OriGene Technologies

Advertorial: Solabia US

Advertorial: Swift Biosciences

Advertorial: TangenX

Advertorial: Profile Kinases in Next to No Time

Enabling a Paradigm Shift in Precision Medicine

Improved Metabolomic Studies

Attaining High Transient Titers in CHO Cells

LI-COR Focuses on Infrared Glow

Evolving CMO-Sponsor Relationships

Google’s “Major Bet” on Life Sciences

Molecules Hold the Mirror Up to Cancer

Dissecting the Structure of Membrane Proteins

Copy Number Analysis Starts to Add Up

Twists and Turns in Protein Expression

Exome Dragnets Catch Clinical Culprits

An Ear for Proteins’ Bells and Whistles

DeNovix’ Two-in-One Proposition

Immuno-Oncology Landscape Expands

Analysis of 3D Cell Culture Models

Evolution of Shake Flask Technology

Continuous Production of Exosomes

GEN Roundup on Cell-Based Assays for Biological Relevancy

Industry, Academia Reconfigure Ties

Feng Shui Basics for 3D Cell Culture

Eyes on the Process Analytics Prize

Repligen Now a Bioprocess Product Firm

Former FEF Chemicals Changes Identity

Optimizing Membrane Protein Expression

Proofing Genome Edits

Can the War Be Won against Mycoplasma

More Dynamic Protein Profiling

Biotech Firms Need Innovation Strategies

Noncoding RNAs: A Cache of Cancer Clues?

Unpacking the Epigenetics of Cancer

The Antibody Dilemma

ChromaTan Purifies against the Current

A Hand in Weaving Cells’ Fates

Making Platinum Genomes Feasible

PCR Shows Off Its Clinical Chops

Molecular Pathology’s Contextual Cues

All-Seeing All-Knowing Single-Use Bioreactors

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Sterilization

Real-Time Monitoring in Shake Flask Culture

Review: Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 (GLP-1) in the Treatment of Diabetes

The Inflammasome at the Crossroads

Desperately Seq’ing RNA

Peptides: New Processes, Lower Costs

Molecular Information Platform for Cancer

Ensuring the Price Is Right for Cancer Drugs

Better Cell Culture through Metabolomics

Genome Editing: An Inside Job

Next-Gen Shotgun Cloning Using the Gibson Assembly Method

Massively Parallel Combinatorial Screening

Single-Cell Proteomics Is in the Chips

Pharmacogenomics Adds Precision to the Practice of Medicine

Such Stuff As Biofab Organs Are Made On

Hyun-Wook Kang, researcher at Wake Forest University  Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) , kidney printer, seeding cells on to a kidney scaffold, the printer seeds differnt types of cells onto various scaffolds including ear cartilage, bone(finge

Copy Me If You Can! Part 1

Easy LC-MS Key to Next-Gen Clinic

Multiplex microRNA Profiling from Crude Biofluids

Simplifying CRISPR