GEN Magazine

, Volume 34

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Genomic Singularity Is Near

Immunoassays Expand Range of Applications

GEN Roundup on Flow Cytometry

Viral Clearance for Single Use and Steel

Refining Cellular Assays via Micropatterns

Cytoo myotubes

Leaving Money on the Table

FDA’s Supply Chain Initiative

Conversion of ELISA to SMC™ Technology

SMC Workflow

Monitoring Cell Migration and Invasion

Comprehensive DNA Quantitation

Lysis and Purification of Recombinant Protein

Special Report: Microarray Not Fade Away

Green Solvents

Green Solvents

Weaving a Stronger Drug Safety Net

Overcoming Cell Line Complacency

Omics Find Chinks in Ebola Armor for Vaccine and Drug Development

CerCell’s Building-Block Bioreactors

Spectroscopy’s Real-Time Role in Process Analytics

Generation of hiPSCs

Discrimination of Single Base Pair Mismatch

Development of a Viral Induction Study for Cell Bank Characterization

Ready, Aim, CRISPR (or RNAi)

Traversing the Cancer Biomarker Labyrinth

Whole-Genome Sequencing Strategies

Time for a Cell Culture Tune-Up or Overhaul?

Quick the Probe, Sharp the Molecular Image

Closing the Gender Gap in Basic Research

Fine-Tuning Protein Expression

Gauging NGS’ Impact on Biomanufacturing

Bringing Cell Culture Research Out of the Darkroom

Isolation of Pure Tumor Cell Populations

Minimizing Biotherapeutic Product Losses

Untangling the Human Connectome

Straining to Develop Clinic-Ready Assays

Bioprocess Scaleup Focuses on Quality

Multifaceted Approaches to Cancer Research

Multiplying Multiplexing’s Power

GEN Roundup on Research Mouse Models

Exceptional Responders: The “N of 1” Paradigm

Spinomix Automates Lab-Bench Sample Prep

Protein A Capture and Its Alternatives

The New World of Isoform Sequencing

Biostabilization Advances Enable Next-Gen Dx

Conducting Effective Viral Decontamination

Smoother Sailing for Clinical Trials

Near or Far? Omics Data Management, Analysis, and Action

Competing Globally in the World of CMOs

Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies to Monitor Immune Responses

Multiplexed Microfluidic Immunoassays

CMOs Shifting to Smaller Bioreactors

Transforming Biomanufacturing Operations

Intact Protein Analysis Method Strategies

Stem Cell Peaks Yet Unscaled

Advertorial: Bachem

Advertorial: DeNovix

Advertorial: IntelliCyt

Advertorial: OriGene Technologies

Advertorial: Tonbo Biosciences

3D Tissue Models Mirror Diseases in Depth

More True-to-Life Cell-Based Assays

Confronting Biological Plagues

Microarray Testing for Unmet Needs

Phenotypic Drug Discovery in 3D

The Changing Face of HTS

Targeting Hypoxic Tumor Cells in 3D Spheroids

Transient Expression Meets Enduring Demands

Tackling Production Issues for Bispecifics

Making Glass Bioreactors CIP and SIP Capable

Clinical Mass Spec Attains Critical Mass

Depth Filtration vs. Centrifugation

Genome Editing Edges to the Clinic

Protein Profiling Plumbs Hidden Depths

Therapeutic Proteins, Made Better

Translating Genomic Advances

Accelerating Gene Synthesis

Protein Stability Exposes Cellular Stress

Proteomic Detection of Liver Toxicity

Automating the Cell Counting Process

Optogenetics: Lightly Pressing the Cell’s Buttons

Next-Gen Sequencing Gets a Fix on Disease

Real-Time PCR: Yet More Worlds to Conquer

Single-Use Bioreactors Dare to Scale

FDA Gets Social with Biopharmas

Enzymatics Enriches NGS with AMP

Embracing the Innovation Imperative

Analysis of Rat Kidney Injury Biomarkers

Single-Cell Approach to Personalized Medicine

Imaging Microbial Culture O2 Consumption

Analyzing Pharmaceutical Process Tank Residues

NGS Ready for Clinical Oncology Testing

Finer Screens for Circulating Tumor Markers

What to Look for in a Next-Generation Sequencer

Online Exclusive: TempoCal, TempoMito, and TempoVol—Three Biosensors for Research and Drug Discovery

Eppendorf Absorbs New Brunswick Scientific

Whole-Exome Sequencing in Clinical Practice

Drug R&D: Big Data for Big Returns

Detecting Circulating Tumor Cells

Rediscovering Therapeutic Peptides

Boosting Upstream, Downstream Processing