GEN Magazine

Volume 33, Issue No. 07, April 1 2013

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

ENCODE-ing the Future

Epigenetics Opens New Avenues for DNA Research

Flexible qPCR Assay Assembly

Predicting Drug Toxicity in Humans

Advertorial: United States Pharmacopeial Convention

Advertorial: Swift Biosciences

Advertorial: 3-D Tumor Spheroids in Extracellular Matrix: Old Hat, New Trick

Advertorial: Axeq Technologies

Shake-Flask Feedback Controlled Feeding

Querying the Cancer Transcriptome

Novel Methods in Correlative Microscopy

Revolutionizing the “Out of Africa” Story

People in the News

Direct DNA Sequencing Using Nanopore Sensors

Development and Evolution of PCR

The Genesis of a Discovery: First Steps

Scaling Up Peptide Drugs

DNA @ 60: Where Are We Headed from Here?

Media’s Role in Cell Culture Success

Is This Gene Therapy’s Breakout Moment?

Risks and Perils of Crowdfunding Your Biotech Start-Up

Exploiting Folate Pathways to Treat Cancer

The Scope of Prior Art Under AIA

Top 20 Biopharma R&D Spenders

Is It OK to Take DNA from Arrested Suspects?

Computational Bio Problem Solving