GEN Magazine

, Volume 33

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Enhancing Colon Cancer Screening through Polyp Detection

Hot Spots for Biotech Jobs Outside the United States

Biopharma Blossoming in the Garden State

Strategies for Patenting Combination Therapies

Immunoassays Become More Clinically Relevant

MALDI Imaging with Single-Cell Resolution

Plant and Animal Suspension Cell Cultures

Advertorial: Faster, Easier Method for Measuring Prion Seeding in Vitro

Advertorial: Pluripotent Stem Cell Verification: Is There an Alternative to Teratoma Assays?

Advertorial: PARATEST®–Parasitological System a Success in More Than 20 Countries

Filtration Technology Keeps Up with the Times

The Rise of Systems Biology

Spectral Flow Cytometry Makes Debut

Genomic Healthcare Solutions

Perils and Pitfalls of in Vitro Drug Transporter Assays

HGP@10: The Human Genome Project a Decade Later

HGP@10: The Post-Genome Era: A Critical Analysis

INFOGRAPHIC: Critical Technologies for Completing the Human Genome Project

Advertorial: Highly Quantitative Digital Immunoassays for Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Studies

Big Apple Covets Big Biotech Presence

3D Printing May Revolutionize Drug R&D

Modern Microfluidics via Lab-on-a-Chip

Studying Autophagy in Real-Time

Standardizing Microvolume DNA and RNA QC

Gene Expression Enters Transformative Times

Improving Medium Transitions

GEN Roundup on Cell-Line Authentication

Top U.S. Regions for Finding a Biotech Job

Honing in on Cancer Biomarkers

Mass Spec Pushes Proteomics’ Tempo

Curing Academic/Industry Ills

Active Research Creates Real-World Insights

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Options Multiply

Ph.D.s Need Not Apply

Evolving Standards for Patent Infringement

Improving Access to HC Screening Images

Refining Preclinical Modeling in Oncology

PCR @ 30: From Prize Winner to Life Saver

PCR @ 30: From Whence It Sprang

PCR @ 30: 30 Years Young and Still Evolving

PCR @ 30: A Chain Reaction That Still Reverberates

PCR @ 30: The Past, the Present, and the Future

Running HPLC Legacy Methods with UPLC

RNAi Screens and the Reagents That Enable Them

Cell Culture Process Improvement

Interrupting Cell Signaling

Raising the Bar in Preclinical Imaging

Growing Clinical Biomarker Assays

Disrupting Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Antisense Drugs Finally Turning the Corner

GEN’s List of Molecular Millionaires

Toxicity Screens with Increased Insight

Sample-Prep Automation in NGS

Identifying & Isolating High-Producer Clones

Scaleup Issues for Single Use and Steel


Growing and Preparing Adult Stem Cells

Multitasking Multiplex Assays

Deciphering RNA Secondary Structure

FDA Speeds Things Up

License to Infringe on Research Tool Patents

Prepping for the Clinic

HIV Researchers Seek a Potential Cure

Cord Blood for Cellular Therapy

PMT-Based Hit Picking for HCA

Refining Sample Prep for Molecular Dx

One-Step Cloning

CROs: Is Yours Meeting Your Needs?

CNV Strategies Get a Rethink

DNA Vaccines Free from Mobile DNA

Tips for Working Optimally with CMOs

Human Disease Models Move Underwater

Advertorial: AbbVie Contract Manufacturing

Advertorial: Advanced BioScience Laboratories (ABL)

Advertorial: Cell Sciences

Advertorial: Corning Life Sciences

Corning logo

Advertorial: Douglas Scientific

Advertorial: Florida Biologix

Advertorial: Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies

fujifilm logo

Advertorial: OriGene Technologies

Advertorial: Parker Hannifin, PRECISION FLUIDICS DIVISION

Advertorial: United States Pharmacopeial Convention

Events Advertorial: Pittcon 2014

Gene Test Boom Faces Lawsuits

Reinventing the Western Blot

The Rising Star of the Clinical Diagnostic Industry

Cell-Based Assays: Getting Back to Basics

3D High-Content Analysis of Spheroids

Quality Assessment of Genomic DNA Degradation

Optimizing Biologics Stability Testing

Progress in Protein Expression Technology

Selecting the Right Spike for Virus Clearance

Designing and Managing Modern Biobanks

Novel 3D Cell Culture Systems

Fine-Tuning Formulation Processes

Advertorial: Improved Cell Viability Assay Performance Using PrestoBlue®

CRISPR/Cas Comes of Age–Almost

Gene Patent Decision: A Chemist’s View

Mining Microbes for Promising Therapies

Top Biotech & Pharma Companies