GEN Magazine

, Volume 32

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Epigenetics Reshapes the Therapeutic Arena

Novel Applications for Systems Biology

Biotech: A Model of Creative Acquisition

Patent Considerations for India and China

ATCC Aims to Be More Than a Biorepository

IVD Market Moving Rapidly on an Upward Trajectory

Cancer Research Firms Eye ADCs to Extend Portfolios

Better, Earlier ADME/Tox Predictions in Cells

Multiplexed Drug Assessment in 3D

Focusing on Multi-Analyte Detection & Analysis

Measuring Drug-Transporter Interactions

Exploiting Flow Cytometry’s Full Capabilities

Overcoming Drawbacks of Gene Silencing with RNAi

Inventive Approaches Redefine Downstream Ops

Systems Biology Tackles Range of Challenges

Recombinant Production of Carrier Proteins

Improving Molecular Genetic Testing

Close-Up View of Life Science Microscopy

Single Molecule Localization Microscopy

Advertorial: Quantifying Fluorescent Ligand Binding to GPCRs in Live Cells—A New HTS Format Replaces Radioactive Ligand Studies

Advertorial: Rapid Quantitation of Monoclonal Antibodies Using the ForteBio Octet Platform

Advertorial: Introduction of a Convenient, Non-Radioactive Universal Kinase Activity Assay Suitable for High-Throughput Screening

Advertorial: Quantifying Low-Abundance TH17 Cytokines to Uncover Novel Biology

Advertorial: Optimal Feed Strategies to Enhance Protein Production of CHO Clones Using Thermo Scientific HyCell CHO and Cell Boost Feeds

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Regen Med Nears the Market

Boosting Gene Expression Profiling

Understanding FDA Oversight of Cell Therapies

Nurturing Protein Therapeutics to Next Level

Downstream Processing Issues Leveling Off

Microfluidics Advances in New Directions

Driving High Sensitivity in Biomolecular MS

As Sample Prep Improves, So Does Mass Spec

Improving HCA with Laser Scanning Imaging

Automated HT Reverse Transfection of Plasmid DNA

Optimizing Cell Lines Improves Production—Really!

Massively Expanding Stem Cell Suspensions

GE Healthcare Improves Single-Use Abilities

What to Consider When Looking for a CRO

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RNAi’s Enabling Powers

Companion Dx and Personalized Medicine

Gender Bias Pervasive in Academic Hiring

Isolated Genes Remain Patentable

Tissue Expertise Begat Biospecimens CRO

Cellular Therapy Wave Finally Cresting

Designing Assays to Fit the Application

Mouse Brain

Visualizing Cell Signaling Pathways

Making Sense of Human Genetic Variation

IR-Based Protein & Peptide Quantitation

Novel DNA Assembly Strategies

Protein Production Prowess Progresses

Ducted Respiratory Chamber Bioreactors

Peering into Subcellular Domains

Using MS to Assess Biotherapeutic Quality

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Sequencing Hones In on Targets

Biomarkers Inform Cancer Research

Patient Safety Top Concern with Biosimilars

Capitalizing on Down-to-Earth Discovery Tools

Epigenomics Infiltrates Cancer Treatment

Identifying Sialic Acids in Glycoproteins

Pathogen and Cancer Biomarker Genotyping

RNA Analysis Unearths Invaluable Insights

Isolating Intact Pathogens from Tissues

New Method for “Fingerprinting” Biosimilars

Confronting Scaleup Challenges Head On

CO2 Measurement in Microfluidic Devices

Synergy Holds Key in Molecular Diagnostics

Marching Toward a “Cyber War” on Cancer

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Nucleic Acid Sample-Prep Tools Break New Ground

Up- and Downstream Go Single Use

Technophobia = Poisoned Fruit

Safe Harbor Protects Post-Approval Activities

SciLog Sees Big Promise in Acquisition

NGS On Way to Becoming Critical Dx Platform

Advice to Biofirms: Be Prepared, Plan Ahead

Automation Redefines Compound Management

Capturing the Clone

Differentiating Mitochondrial Toxicity

Quantification of Microliter Volumes of DNA

Gene Expression Analysis Reshapes Biomedical Research

CMOs Focus on Technology Improvements

Reinventing Affinity Tags

Animal Models Get Closer to Mimicking Humans

Accelerating R&D of Cell-Based Therapies

FDASIA’s Impact on Novel IVDs

Mammalian Transient Transfection System

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Advertorial: Asahi Kasei Bioprocess

Advertorial: Baxter

Advertorial: Charles River

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Advertorial: Douglas Scientific

Advertorial: DSM Biologics

Advertorial: Essen BioScience

Advertorial: Flexicon

Advertorial: Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies

Advertorial: Indigo Biosciences