GEN Magazine

, Volume 31

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Sequencing Alters Medical Genetics

Systems Biology Delivers Higher Level Analysis

Maintaining a Steadfast Commitment to NIH Funding

Stem Cell Research in the EU and U.S.

Cell Growth Takes on New Dimension

Protein Purification Reagent Market Expands

GEN’s 30th Anniversary: Bacteria Combat Waste

Biotech Takes Hit from Jittery Market in Q3

Emerging Trends for Predictive Toxicology

Multiplexing Ignites Biomarker Research

High Sensitivity Analysis of Fentanyl

Analysis of Multiple Angiogenesis Analytes

Epigenetic-Derived Therapies on Horizon

Keeping Sample Preparation Simple

Streamlining Multiplex PCR Analysis

Filtration Products Steadily Evolving

New Filtration Technologies Enable a Reduction in Process Steps

Cell Culture Media Optimization

Reimbursement in Personalized Medicine

Gene Therapy Briefs

Flow Cytometry Shifting Gears

FSPs Provide an Option to Traditional CRO Approach

Syn Bio Delivers Cool Tools but Drugs Are a Ways Off

Samsung Stakes Out Biopharma Position

GEN’s 30th Anniversary: Molecular Diagnostics

Infectious Disease Molecular Diagnostics

Microfluidics Making Bigger Impression

Stain-Free Approach for Western Blotting

Gene-Expression Profiling Finds Niche

Advances in Sophisticated Genome Editing

Improving Classic Antibody Engineering

Enhanced Albumin Fusion Technology

Directing Cell-Signaling Research

Cutting-Edge Approaches and Applications for RNAi

Retooling SBIR Not That Easy

Personalized Medicine Diagnostic Patents

Solution Supplier Expands Offerings

Vaccine Market Revenue Growing

GEN’s 30th Anniversary: Peptide Therapeutics

Volatility Rattles Biotechnology Sector

Gene Cloning and Colony Picking

Detection of Lysine Deacetylase Activities

Green Chemistry Initiatives Take Shape

Getting the Most from Process Operations

Producing Recombinant Virus-Like Particles

Redefining High-Resolution Mass Spec

Regen Med Success Hinges on Engineering

Gene Therapy Briefs

Dementia Studies Making Strides

Target-Enrichment Field Continuing to Expand

Driving Down Medical and Healthcare Spending

Profiling Platform Delves Into Tumors

Prenatal Markets Remain Strong and Fertile

GEN’s 30th Anniversary: HIV/AIDS

Can the FDA Be a Catalyst for Innovation?

Two Technologies Are Better Than One

Amplifying Immunoassay Sensitivity

Identifying Promising Drug Candidates

RNA Assumes More Prominent Role

Cell Culture Central to Upstream Scaleup

Single-Use Systems Growth Rate Plateauing

Protein Bioproduction without Antibiotics

Implementing CIMS for Process Operations

Tracking Key Biomanufacturing Trends

PCR-Based Diagnostics Put to the Test

USP Improves Biologic Quality Standards

Microplate Replacement for HT Screening

Overcoming Downstream Bottlenecks

From the Publisher: 30 Years and Counting!

Tracking Operational Financing Trends

Biological Complexity Under Attack

Proteomics: Pathways and Biomarkers

Success in Biotech Depends on Timing

Highlighting the Course of Biotech Law

Viewing Biotech as a Social Drama

RNAi Efforts Ready to Pay Dividends

Evolution of Polymerase Chain Reaction

Future of DNA Sequencing Technology

Epigenetics and Reinventing Lamarck

Protein Expression Technology Review

Creating Modern Industrial Microbiology

Purification Methods in Biomanufacturing

Single-Use Cell Culture Systems Arrive

Combating Infectious Disease Agents

Natural Progression of Synthetic Biology

The History and Promise of Gene Therapy

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