GEN Magazine

, Volume 30

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Whistleblowers Take On Off-Label Marketing

Small Latin American Countries Think Big

Delivering Long-Lasting Cancer Vaccines

Bridging the Biotechnology Financing Divide

Physician Office Lab Diagnostic Market

Adoption of Label-Free Technologies Surges

Multiplexing Finds Diverse Applications

Automation Improves Biobanking Efficiency

Analyzing the Genome One Cell at a Time

Synthetic Bio Not Yet Ready for the Market

Utilizing FuGENE to Optimize Transfection

TFF Optimization with Single-Use Systems

Biorepositories Brace For Greater Security

Road to Antibiotic Approval Made Clearer

Tandem MS Zooms In on Glycosylation

Microarrays & Sequencing Assume Supporting Roles

Innovation Can Prosper in a Regulated Environment

Solving the Next-Gen Sequencing Data Crunch

Encouraging Suppliers to Communicate


Extending the Range of miRNA Technology

Bringing Hand-Me-Downs to Science Labs

Capitalizing on Cell-Signaling Advances

New Method for Rapid Virus Quantification

Flow Cytometry Expands Application Range

Epigenetic Modifications on Histones

Screening Proteins for Manufacturability

Asia Emerging as Healthcare Destination

Impact of Single-Use Biomanufacturing Systems

Exploiting HDAC Inhibition

RNAi Brings Analytical Value to Pharma R&D

Use of Open-Source Model Would Hamper Biotechnology

Feasibility of a Global Patent System

Animal-Free Toxicity Testing and Drug Screening

Biotech Posts Strong Third-Quarter Results

Regen Medicine Prepares for Growth Spurt

Spain Bolsters Biotech in Southern Europe

Reproducible Laemmli PAGE Performance

Assessment of NAb Levels in MS Patients

Microarray Technology Moves to the Fore

Improving LOH Detection on CGH Microarrays

Disposable Bioreactors Enter Mainstream

Commandeering Data with EDC Systems

Promoting Neuron Survival in CNS Diseases

Pooling Knowledge for Neglected Diseases

GEN “Cell Counting” Cryptogram Solved

Determination of Comparability Criteria

In Vivo Imaging Transfigured by MRI

qPCR Sets New Standards for Gene-Expression Analysis

Stem Cell Research Perseveres in the Midst of Funding Crisis

Microfluidic Cell Culture Garners Interest

Nanotechnology Makes Inroads into Healthcare

Chinese Biopharma Industry Gaining Clout

Novel Antibody-Binding Detection Assay

Tool to Improve Ion-Channel Screening

Anticipating Protein Biomarker Applications

Next-Generation DNA Assembly Tools

Low-Abundance Protein Enrichment

Optimizing Cell-Culture Technologies

Planning New Drug-Development Strategies

Plant Expression Systems Growing Rapidly

Stem Cell Therapies Make Steady Progress

Systems Biology Upends Drug Reprofiling

Search for Effective HIV Vaccine Intensifies

Probing Cells with RNAi Screens

CMOs Invest Time & Money to Improve Their Operations

No Frost Fix Thanks to Feds

Biotechnology Patent Validity in Jeopardy

Screening for Nuclear Receptor Activity

Treatment Paradigm Shifting for NSCLC

Biomanufacturing Operations on Upswing


Expediting RNA Delivery with Small Parcels

Structural Biology Underpins R&D Efforts

Improving Assays for Micronuclei Detection

Profiling Looms Large in Cancer Research

Novel Twist on Primary Cell Transfection

Detection of Key Epigenetic Biomarkers

Protein Production Continues to Post Gains

Enhancing Stabilization of Protein Products

Good Design Informs Translational Process

Orphan Drug Changes Brewing at the FDA

SAFC Expands to Meet Customer Demands

Turning Data into Genomic Medicine

Filtration Improvements Yield Many Benefits Down the Line

Benighted EC Politicians Reject Food from Cloned Animals

Exploring Future of Cell-Culture Processes

Multiple Drivers Shape Fate of MDx

Transitioning Toward Three-Dimensional Cell Culture

Open-Source Model for Biotech

Re-Editing the Genome for Mistakes of Nature

IVD Market Grows by Adapting to Change

Clouds Take Computing to New Heights

Implementing an Enzyme-Free Cloning Strategy

Scientists Make Headway with miRNA

Label-Free SPRi Analysis of Peptide Arrays

Protein Therapeutic Formulation Issues

High-Velocity Affinity Chromatography

Finding Promising Protein Biomarkers

Regulating Laboratory-Developed Tests

Nigeria Eyes Biotech to Boost Healthcare