GEN Magazine

, Volume 29

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

China Takes Aim at RNAi

Big Pharma’s Interest in Vaccine Products on Rise

Pharma Innovation in Critical Condition

Oral Argument Sheds Light in Bilski v. Kappos

Finding the Right Outsourcing Balance

Ireland Establishes Gastroenterology Base

TAP Shifts Focus to Cell-Based Screening

H1N1 Boosts Development in Pharma Sector

Influenza Scare Not the Only Vaccine Driver

“Crude Sample Analysis” Instrumentation

Investigating Cell Invasion and Migration

Synthetic Bio Could Cure Energy Woes

microRNAs Inform Cancer Research

Pressure Cycling for Sample Preparation

Single-Use Systems Advance Filtration

Characterization of the Cell Culture Process

Novel Vectors for Baculovirus Expression

Assessment of Cell-Line Performance

Neuroscience Benefits from Cash Infusion

Stanching the Action of Anticoagulants

Technological Advances Increase the Risk of Genetic Identity Theft

Ninth Circuit Rules on IP and Antitrust Issues

Biosimilars and Follow-On Branded Biologics

Novel Alzheimer’s Therapies Gaining Ground

GEN Update on Promising Emerging Biotechnologies

Biotechnology Investments Exhibit Resilience

Infectious Diseases a Key MDx Market Driver

Perspective on PR: Building an Effective Communication Program

Innovative Drug Screening Methodologies

Utilizing Biomarkers to Their Full Extent

Addressing Ligand Binding Assay Deficiencies

Stabilization Method for Biological Samples

Microarrays for Gene-Expression Studies

PCR Technology Review: Standardization of qPCR and RT-qPCR

High-Throughput Nanovolume qPCR

Italian Biotech Revamps Old-World Mindset

Overcoming Phase II Attrition Problem

Streamlining In Silico Compound Profiling

Making Bioprocess Scale-Up More Robust

Bringing Greater Efficiency to Antibody Manufacturing

Bioreactor and Fermentor Market Trends

Increasing Production Process Efficiency

Single-Use Noninvasive Sensing Technology

Novel Systems Zero In on the $100 Genome

Removing Impediments in Downstream Processing

Spotlight on the FDA

Partnerships Strengthen Finland Biotech

Firm Aims to Regulate RNA in Rare Diseases

Synthetic Bio’s Promise Places It on Fast Track

Capitalizing on Fragment-Based Discovery

Focused Assays Lead to More Potent Drugs

Breaking HTS Cell-Based Assay Bottlenecks

Accelerating Preclinical Imaging Workflow

Detection Method for Conformational Change

Fine-Tuning Sample Preparation Techniques

Easing Challenges in QbD Implementation

Budgets Shifting in Biopharma Manufacturing

POC Testing Predicted to Transform Healthcare

Transforming Bioprocessing as We Know It

Digital Gene-Expression Profiling

Traditional Strengths Solidify Chilean Biotech Industry

Initiatives Advancing Chilean Life Sciences

Deficiencies in Forensic Science Training Must Be Met Head-On

Enforceable Diagnostic Method Patents

Gov’t Actions Buoy European Start-Ups

Firm on Quest to Improve Biomanufacturing

Staying Ahead of Activist Stockholders

Cancer Molecular Diagnostics Take the Stage

Unveiling Cellular Bioenergetics’ Secrets

Measurement of Global DNA Methylation

Getting a Handle on Metabolic Disorders

New qPCR Workflows Accelerate Discovery

New and Old Technologies Boost Advances

Schizophrenia Research with Real Time PCR

High-Content Methods to Assess Toxicity

Ongoing Pursuit of Sustainable Operations

Strategies for Measuring Viable Biomass

MDx Will Drive Personalized Medicine

Unearthing More Effective Therapies for Anthrax


In the Pipeline

Laboratory Robotics Interest Group

Organelle View


Scientist, Interrupted

Stem Cell Funding Roadblock

Standard Setting Increasingly Under Siege

Steven B. Pokotilow

China Stays Committed to Biodevelopment

Pharma’s Ongoing Quest for R&D Innovation

Impact of Risk Mitigation on Deal Market

Agilent Expands Its Capabilities in Robotics

Researchers Map Neanderthal Genome

Revitalizing Surface Plasmon Resonance

Vernalis has quantified the strengths and limitations of various experimental approaches.

Measuring Multiplexed Signal Transduction

Review: LabAuto Product Introductions

Shining a Different Light on Genetic Diversity

Quality Makes a Difference in RNA Prep

Drug Absorption on Membrane Arrays

DNA Vaccines Inch Toward Human Use