GEN Magazine

, Volume 28

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Status of Biosimilars in U.S. Could Soon Change

Doubts Stymie Implementation of RFID

Zeroing in on PI3K Pathway

Spain Invests in Quest for Big Biotech Payoff

Vilification of Bovine Growth Hormone Udderly Unwarranted

Tips on How to Properly Construe Patent Claims

Tripos International Returns to Its Roots

Q&A: Life Technologies Formed from AB/Invitrogen

Biotech’s Umbilical Cord Has Been Severed

Moving Flow Cytometry Beyond Core Facilities

New FC Systems Measure More Variables Over Shorter Time Periods

Utilization of an Automated Triplex Assay

Sourcing Well-Characterized Biospecimens

Update on Emerging Biobanking Practices

Methylation-Sensitive Hi-Res Melting Analysis

Optimizing Mammalian Cell Culture Performance

Improving Delivery thru Nanotechnology

Taking Old & New Molecules Down Novel Paths

Flow Cytometry Applications Proliferate

Ancillary Analysis Tools for Microarrays

Applicability of Biomarkers Is Far-Reaching

Achieving Precision Analysis with ELSD

Fast PCR with Long and Difficult Amplicons

Protein Analysis Technologies Overview

Novel Approaches to Lead Optimization

SRI Boasts Abilities in Early- and Late-Stage R&D

Company Touts Its Novel Sequencing Technique

Pharma Outsourcing on Upward Trajectory

Is the U.K. Biotech Industry on the Skids?

Enforceability of Patent Licenses Under Fire

Successful Genetic Tests Are Predicated on Clinical Utility

Monoliths Emerge as Key Purification Methodology

Graduate Programs that Prepare for NonResearch Careers

Advancing Gene Expression Studies

Novel MS Systems Expedite Workflow

Platform Technologies Ease Scale-Up Pain

Batch Failure Rates in Biomanufacturing

Small-Scale Parallelized Biochromatography

Making Antibiotics Obsolete in Fermentation

Antibody Processing Platforms Evolve

Flexibility Crucial in Bioreactor Systems

Regulatory Pathways for Molecular Dx

A Sensible Approach to Interpreting Research

Measurement of Proteins in FFPE Tissue

Strengthening the Biotechnician Workforce

GEN Review BIO 2008: Tips for Doing Business in China and India

GEN Review BIO 2008: Grappling with the Regulation of Biosimilars

GEN Review BIO 2008: News from the Floor of BIO’s Annual Meeting

Roundtable Discussion: High-Throughput Screening Challenges

Honing In on Chemoresistance Pathways

BioInsights: Biotech Industry Success Powered by Innovation

Anthill Addresses Chemical Synthesis Needs

Cell-Based Assay R&D Role Expands

Downstream Bottlenecks: Are They Myth or Reality?

Using DNA Traceability to Track Meat and Ensure Safety

Emerging Firms Highlighted at Roth Meeting

Cell-Based Assay Utilization Is On the Upswing

Celera Readies Itself for Possible Spin-Off

HTS Carving Out Hit-to-Lead Position

Producing Proteins for New Drug Development

Combining Microscopy with In Vivo Imaging

Roche All Set to Launch xCELLigence System

Increasing Yield in Nucleic Acid Sample Prep

Managing Data from Next-Gen Sequencing

Development of an Ion-Exchange Process

Creating a Life Science Cluster in Florida

Quantifying Pipette Variability due to Humidity

Combined Correctness Can Enrich Proteomics

Metabolomics Studies Rise in Quality

New Solutions Make qPCR a Rapidly Advancing Field

Defending Pharma Companies

Symbol of money dollar from colored pills and capsules on  green background. Expensive medicine and medical insurance

U.S. Gene Patents in Legal Limbo –– for Now

Alzheimer’s Market Set to Grow Substantially

Aging ELISA Realm Takes Benchmark Role

Increasing the Odds of In Vitro Fertilization

Cancer Biomarkers Expedite Detection

Regulations Still Driving Stability Testing

Revolutionizing Protein Expression in R&D Arena

Removing Color Impurities in Biomanufacturing

Saskatchewan Looks Past AgBiotech Roots

Biobanks Can Make or Break Biomarkers

Studying Protein Interactions in Living Cells

Web Exclusive: GEN’s Annual Wall Street Roundup

Driving Discovery from Inside Out

qPCR Poised for Prime Time

Firms Need to Focus on Profits

New Act Endangers Long-Term Patent Validity

GEN’s Annual Wall Street Analyst Roundup

BioMarket Trends: Phalanx of Treatments Propels Burn Market

Company Update: Protagen Zeroes In on Protein Therapeutics

Trubion Tackles Second-Generation mAbs

Streamlining Gene Delivery with Microporation

Assay: Single-Molecule Sequencing Advances

DNA Methylation Bolsters Cancer Research

Winning the Contamination Control Battle

Aiming at Easier Scale-Up in Protein Production

Stem Cells Advance on Multiple Fronts

Combination Therapies Fortify Oncology Fight