GEN Magazine

, Volume 27

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Biomarket Trends: A Myriad of Approaches Fosters Growth in Early Tox Testing

Novozymes Tackles Ingredient Manufacture

Industry on Target for a Successful Year

Biomarket Trends: LIMS Growth Driven by Replacement Purchases

Assay: Analyzing Lipid-Modifying Enzymes

Finding Your Place as an Industry Scientist

High-Performance Melting Curve Analysis

Antisocial Bio-Activism

Patent Ambushing Sullies Standard Setting

Optimization of Electroporation Parameters

Planning and Designing Biopharma Plants

Biotech Aims High in the Lone Star State

Erecting Exclusivity Barriers with Innovation

ADMET Issues Slow Discovery

Sample Storage Requires Regular Tweaking

Broadening Genetic Tests in the Consumer Market

Obstacles to Exploitation of miRNA Falling

Lyophilization Advances Improve Recovery

Enlisting CROs for Clinical Trial Assistance

Subsidizing Biofuels Is Not the Answer

Invitrogen Taps Into Cell Biology Expertise

BioMarket Trends: Application of RFID Can Save Time and Money

Sizing Up Genzyme’s Takeover Potential

Characterizing Stable Protein Formulations

TF Profiling in Drug Discovery

ApplicationNote: Dendritic Cell-Based Immunotherapeutics

Enhancing Performance in Cell Culture

Letter to the Editor: What About Tysabri as an MS Treatment?

Eurofins MWG Consolidates Companies’ Offerings

Improved Screening for Better Lead Generation

Getting a Handle on Signal Transduction

Seeking the Big Picture with Microarrays

Innovations in Membrane Filtration Tools

Advancing Cancer Vaccines

Army Hospital Reborn as Bioscience Park

Tough Road for Biotech Patent Prosecution

Millipore’s Acquisitions Enhance Offerings

BioMarket Trends: Liquid Chromatography Market Proliferates

Tackling Financing Challenges in Biotech

ApplicationNote: New Tool Refines Tissue Homogenization

Removing Entrenched Bottlenecks in HCS

Assay: Measurement of Mitochondrial Function

Characterizing Culture Process Dynamics

Leveraging Impact of Biodefense Contracts

Fragment-Based Discovery in Spotlight

Pushing Toward a $1,000 Genome

Use of LC Grows in MS Sample Prep

Weighing In On Genetic Testing & Research

Boosting Use of Microbial Systems in Manufacturing

New Approaches Push Antibodies Ahead

Defining Bench to Bedside Success

Application of Real-Time qPCR Broadens

HPLC Column Provider Expands Focus

Binary pump in HPLC system. High performance liquid chromatography at chemical laboratory.

Preparedness for Bioterrorism


Ventana Says Its Is Worth More Than $3B

BioMarket Trends: Process Improvements Bolster Peptide Drug Market

Making RNA More Durable at Room Temp

Application Note: Continuous Cell Profiling Technology

Assay: New Substrates for FRET-Based Assays

Microbe Expression Requires Flexibility

Disease Pathway Analysis

Reducing Attrition with Image Analysis

Overcoming Size Concerns in Cell Culture

Biologics Force Changes in Stability Testing

China Expanding Bioresearch Activities

ServiceNote: Human Tissue Research for Drug Discovery

Risk-Averse Behavior Entrenched at FDA

IP May Be a Tonic for Distressed Companies

Alpha Biologics Takes Global Approach

Ways to Address Neglected Disease Issue

Biomarket Trends: Four Therapies Dominate MS Treatment

Automated Target Preparation Solution

Assay: Validating Biomarkers with VeraCode

Application Note: High-Throughput Process Development

Use of Perfusion Technology on the Rise

Revamping Drug Discovery Strategies

Cytometry Drives New Business Models

Personalized Medicine Seeks Mainstream

CMOs Focused on Meeting Needs and Time Lines

Producing Biologics Less Expensively

Transforming Healthcare With Stem Cells

Benefits Point Biotech Firms to Buffalo

Too Many Mice, Too Few Pathologists

Start-Up Firm Touts Mid-Stage Pipeline

Biomarket Trends: Proteomics Sample-Prep Market Is Ripening

Pfizer Deal Pulls Xoma Out of August Slump

New Kit Facilitates Small RNA Cloning

Assay: Laser-Scanning Cytometry in Oncology

Cultivating Anchorage-Dependent Cells

Application Note: Strategies for the Culture of CHO-S Cells

The Game Plan for Sigma’s Research Biotech

Expediting Biomarker Advances

Ways to Arm Antibodies Under Increasing Scrutiny

Capitalizing on microRNA Expression

Moving Biotechnology Forward with PAT

Disposables Reach Out to New Markets

Flanders Striving to Attract Biotechnology

Is Biomass the New Texas Tea?

Biopharmaceutical IP Protection in China