GEN Magazine

, Volume 26

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Biochemistry of Metabolism

Reconstructing the Drug Discovery Pipeline

Changing Game Plan for Protein Profiling

Industrial Biotech Meets Systems Biology

Serum for Cell Culture Out, Stem Cells In

Offshoring R&D Activity

What the New Congress Spells for Biotech

International Council on Nanotechnology

Market Research Tips for Suppliers

Abbreviated Approval of Generic Biologics

Recent Growth Sets Stage for Q4 2006

Bioanalytical Systems Targets CRO Niche

TechNote: Parallel Affinity-Based Sample Preparation

Finding Modulators of the Hh Pathway

Systems Biology Tools Get Personal

Basic Considerations for Laboratory Water

BioMarket Trends

Finding and Working with a Staffing Firm

Lab Notebooks Offer Efficiency Gains

Honing in on signal Transduction Pathways

Gauging Nanobiotech’s Promise Realistically

Research Drives Microscopy Innovations

Collaborative Spirit Fosters Bioinformatics

Minimizing Cost and Use of Purified Water

Isolator Technologies Slowly Catching On

Marine Bioprospecting for Novel Drugs

Who Will Lead the Revolution?

BioTime Bets on Blood Replacement

Consistency from a Small Integrated System

TechNote: High-Throughput DNA Extraction Solutions

Biospecimen Collection and Management

Genomic-Proteomic Cell Culture Approaches

Optimizing the Value of Potential Novel Drugs

Sample Prep Gaining Priority in Discovery

The Next Generation of DNA Sequencing

Filtration Technology Steps Up to Next Level

Product Technologies for Lyophilization

China-Grown Pharma Products

Third Quarter Life Science Sector Review

GenoLogics Automates Omics for Labs

Biotech Production Is Blooming in the Tropics

Maximizing the Value of Biotech Patents

Multiparametric Assays on Individual Cells

RNAi Libraries for Functional Genomics

Navigating the Postpreservation Viability Fog

BioMarket Trends

Can Pharma & Biotech Foil Counterfeiting?

Outsourcing Can Add Capacity & Expertise

Multidisciplinary Approach to RNAi

Antibody Engineering Methods Advance

Novel Vaccines Expand Potential Markets

Small Molecule Drugs

BioMarket Trends

Company Update: Sequencing Technology Applications Expand

Flexible Protein Microarray Inkjet Printing

Streamlining HTS for Challenging Targets

Rotating Bioreactors for Manufacturing

Telemedicine Enables Better Care

Maximizing Discovery Using Kinase

Microarrays Find their Way into the Clinic

Microrarray Standards Are the Next Step

Safety Biomarkers Holy Grail of Toxicology

Get Quality and Quantity in Your Process

New Gene Sequencer Targets Productivity

BioMarket Trends

Life Sciences Strategic Deal-Making Trends

Patent Rights in Biological Material

Isothermal Titration to Characterize Binding

Epitope Mapping and Vaccine Research

Ensuring Efficient Aeration of Cell Cultures

Making the Complex Simple

Inflammation Research Leads to Targets

Expanding Applications of Diagnostic Tools

Changing the Way Research Is Conducted

PCR Applications Continue to Expand

New Software Tackles Mounds of Data

Bringing Pharmacogenomics into the Clinic

CMOs Aim to Boost Production Efficiency

Monoliths Seen to Revitalize Bioseparations

Connecting Basic Research and Patient Care

TechNote: Ratiometric Photometry for Calibration

ExSAR Focuses on Discovery & Optimization

Minimizing Off-Target Effects in Transfection

Company Update: ApoLife Touts Yeast-Based Expression System

LOH and DNA Copy Number Changes

Overview of SmartFlow Tangential Flow Filtration

BioMarket Trends: Biosensor Markets Outperform Expectations

Preclinical R&D Investment Is Crucial to Long-Term Success

European Biotechs Face a Funding Crisis

Biomolecular Screening Technologies

Maximizing Cell-Based Imaging Results

RNAi in Drug Discovery & Therapeutics

Bioprocess Simulations Gain Traction

Systematic Approach to Optimizing HPLC

Slow Adoption of PAT for Bioprocessing

Driving Standards in Single-Use Disposables

ChemDiv’s Collaborative CRO Relationships

Novel Diagnostics Help Target Therapies

Current New Drug Application Requirements