GEN Magazine

, Volume 25

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Biotech Posts Impressive Third Quarter Results

PTO Utility Guidelines Receive Stamp of Approval

Designing an Effective Preclinical Profiling Strategy

Simplified Development of FRET Assays

Using Multi-Pathway Target Knockdown

Parenteral Packaging Concerns for Drugs

Mobilizing Nanomedicine Technologies

Industry Analysis of Discovery Informatics

Employment Trends in the Biotech Industry

High Purity Water: Combating Contamination

Protein Microarrays

Fluoresence & Bioluminescence Enlighten R&D

Strategies to Move Beyond Target Validation

Biosimilars Shake up the Biologics Market

Taiwan Industry Puts Strong Focus on Biotech

Resilience Challenged and in Short Supply in Our Society

The FDA Inspection Process as a Learning Tool

Protein Identification and Quantification

Platforms for Eicosanoid Measurements

Optimizing Your Process Unit Operations

Tissue Models Boost Drug Discovery Efforts

Scotland Pursues Stem Cell Excellence

Chiral Chemistry Aids Drug Development

Advancing Viral Vector-Based Technology

Bridging the Gap between Model Systems and Human Biology

Patent Rights and Pharmaceutical Reimportation

How to Improve Series B-Round Valuations

Emerging Technologies for Ion Channels

Challenges Remain for Antibody Products

A New Spin on Plasma Biomarker Discovery

Commercial Bioactivities in Western Canada

Electronic Laboratory Notebook Systems

Purification for Demanding Applications in Life Sciences

The Shrinking Biomanufacturing Facility

The State of BSE Surveillance Efforts in the United States

Review of FDA Guidance on Risk Management

Molecular Diagnostics as Clinical Tools

Blue Biotech Puts Norway on the Map

Whole Genome Amplification Technologies

Novel Systems for Visualizing Biological Data

Singapore Attracts Life Science Companies

GEN’s Spotlight on Wall Street News

Optimized Solutions for RNAi Experiments

Utilizing Rapid Point-of-Use Protein Assays

Recipe for Ensuring Process Control Success

Proposition for a New and Better Model for Healthcare

A Step Forward for Biotechnology Patent Law

Diabetes: Potential Breakthroughs in Therapy

Contract Manufacturing Fills Industry Niche

Linking Discovery Data to Diagnostics

GEN Talks with President Bill Clinton

Biotechnology in Australia and New Zealand

Nucleic Acid Purification Takes Many Forms

Manipulation and Analysis of Nucleic Acids

Achieving Optimal Yields of High Quality RNA

How do Bacteria Turn Their Genes On and Off?

Nanoscale Gradient Chromatography for LC-MS

Manufacturing of Biopharmaceutical Proteins

Science and Democracy in Europe and the United States

Patent Law in India Focuses Strongly on R&D

Applying Mass Spec Tools in Proteomics

Biomolecular Screening Technologies Advance

Flanders’ Biotech Sector Comes of Age

Molecular Biology Software Product Update

Microarrays for Model Organism Systems

Novel Tests Based on Genomic Markers

Casting a New Light on GPCR Targets

Lyophilization: Growing with Biotechnology

Halting the March of Unreason

The Scylla & Charybdis Face Integrated Genomics

Preparing for a Potential Pandemic

Sick man with thermometer in mouth sitting on bed

Funding Issues Slow Establishing Biobanks

In Silico Modeling Begins to Produce Results

Prion Disease Mechanisms and Activation

Outsourcing Drug Discovery & Development

Whole Genome Sequencing in 24 Hours

Advances in Protein Arrays Overcome Obstacles

Minnesota Toots Its Own Life Science Horn

Biotech and Pharma in a Turbulent World

High-Sensitivity Mutation Scanning of Tumors

Utilizing a New Tool for Drug Discovery

Enhancing System Cleanliness & Drainability

Taking a Journey-Based Approach to Manufacturing Development

Safe Harbor Provisions for Preclinical Research

Asia Offers Opportunities in Pharmaceuticals

Twenty-Five Years of Biotech Trends

Reports detail a decade of investment trends

Bioresearch Highlights Significance of SNPs

Drug Delivery Technology: Deals and Advances

Optimizing Strategies for Hit-to-Lead Process

Twists and Turns on the Path to Find New Drugs

North Carolina Leads Southeast in Biotech

Innovative Antibody Products and Therapeutics

Disposable Bioreactors Become Standard Fare

Automating True Manual Patch Clamping

New Tool for Metabolic Disease Research

Animal-Derived Agents in Disposable Systems

Evidence-based Medicine

Authorized Generics: To Switch Rather than Fight

Navigating Stem Cell Fact and Fiction