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Volume 43, Issue No. 06, June 2023

GEN June Issue Cover

It’s an attractive idea—sifting through a mass of particulars to find connections, patterns, and ultimately meaning. But it’s a dangerous idea, too. Consider how it led characters as different as Joe Gould and John Nash astray. (Gould’s oral history of New York City, which was supposed to be a million-word opus, came to nothing. And Nash’s game-theory-inspired search for “patterned recurrences” led to bouts of madness.) Despite these cautionary tales, we are learning that sifting through particulars and finding meaning is eminently possible—just not for ordinary mortals. It’s a job for computational biology.

In the June issue of GEN, we describe how computational biology can make sense of seemingly unrelated (but in fact subtly related) particulars. For example, it is driving drug discovery, enriching microbiome research, and realizing the promise of multiomics.

This month we also cover fungal expression platforms, base and prime editing, and stability testing. And, last but not least, we list the top 25 biotech companies of 2023.

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HORIBA Odyssey

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Charms to Soothe the Savage Microbiome

Microbiota of the human intestine

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Base Editors and Prime Editors Begin to Realize Their Clinical Promise

EmendoBio scientific team

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Prospects for the Oral Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals

Corden Pharma's LNP Formulation Lab

Emerging Therapeutics Inspire New Stability Solutions

Medical bottles

AI Takes On Drug Discovery

Insilico Medicinelab

Fungal Cell Cultures Bloom with Benefits for Manufacturers

C1 cells in a petri dish

Lifesaving Gene Therapies: Will They Reach Those Who Need Them Most?

Genethon lab

The Symbiotic Relationship of the Microbiome and Host

Illumina microbiome illustration

Fueling New Insights with High-Resolution In Situ Precision

Post Xenium HE

Multiomics Accelerates Cardiovascular Disease Research

ASGCT News: David Liu Hails Rapid Progress in Precision Genome Editing

David Liu speaks at ASGCT 2023

Second Patient with Extremely Rare Genetic Resistance to Alzheimer’s Disease Discovered

Neuron cell

Personalized mRNA Vaccines Offer Hope for Treating Pancreatic Cancer

T-cell attaching to cancer cell

Top 25 Biotech Companies of 2023

Financial and Technical Data Analysis Graph Showing Search Findings

Carl Icahn States His Case for Change at Illumina on “Close to the Edge”