Circular Photodiodes

AXUV20A circular photodetectors

Opto Diode

The AXUV20A circular photodetectors can be used for radiation, electron, and photon response in the ultraviolet (UV), extreme ultraviolet (EUV), through visible and near-infrared (IR) wavelength ranges. The circular device, with an active area of 5.5-mm diameter, features sensitivity to low-energy electrons. The AXUV20A photodiode shunt resistance is 100 MOhm, minimum. Reverse breakdown voltage is 5 volts, minimum, and 10 volts, typically. Other features include capacitance at four nF, typically, with a maximum of 10 nF, and a rise time of 2 µsec. The AXUV series of photodiodes exhibit a response to electron energy levels as low as 100eV. Operating and storage temperatures range from –10 °C to +40 °C in ambient environments and from –20 °C to +80 °C in nitrogen or vacuum environments.

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