Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Parasite index includes an enormous amount of information. Website includes additional diagnostic protocols.

DPDx, from the CDC’s Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria, is an excellent resource for researchers and health professionals working with diseases caused by parasites. The website includes an extensive index of parasitic diseases, with each entry containing information about the parasite that causes the disease, geographic distribution of disease clusters, and how the disease presents itself clinically. Many pages in the index also include detailed infographics about the life cycle of the parasite and how it infects hosts. In addition to the parasite index, the website also contains numerous resources for clinicians and laboratory technicians, including standard operating protocols for handling and examining samples, and monthly case studies that include the images used to diagnose the infection. The CDC’s DPDx website is a great resource for learning more about infectious parasites and how to diagnose their presence.

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