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November 15, 2018 Vol. 38, No. 20

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Cryonics. Scientist working with biological samples

Biobanking’s Riches

GEN's supplement "Biobanking Integrity" discusses the kinds of work carried out by biobanks. This supplement describes how biobanks are improving, but also conveys that biobanking is also about faith.
paraffin-embedded tissues

Innovative Biobanks Return Scientific Dividends

Banking is about generating returns. In a biobank yield returns in the form of scientific dividends. In research, investment equates to both the quality of samples and the manner in which they are stored.

The Evolution of Biobanking

Improvements in our understanding of disease have relied primarily on clinical trials backed by real-world evidence. Biological samples and large-scale datasets are key components...
Asian scientists in a lab

Rapid Expansion of Biobanking in China

Since 2013, when I was invited to speak about biobanking economics at the Annual Biobank China conference in Shanghai, I have worked as a...
Hamilton Storage picture

The Role of Automation in Biobanking Financial Sustainability

Sponsored by   When considering the purchase of automated equipment, including automated sample storage systems, users typically start with a focus on today’s business needs. How...

CSM Biological Sample Management: Much More Than Freezing Samples

Clinical Supplies Management (CSM) has spent the last two decades partnering with research groups that want peace of mind when it comes to storing their irreplaceable biological samples.
Agilent TapeStation System

Biobanking Issues: Challenges, Instruments, and Solutions

GEN recently interviewed Bill Mathieson, Ph.D. and Rainer Nitsche, Ph.D. about the various issues and factors impacting biobanking operations and instrumentation, including the Agilent TapeStation systems.
Brooks Life Sciences Roundtable Experts

Roundtable Discussion: Protecting Complete Sample Chain of Custody

Sponsored by   Moderated by Andrew Brooks, Ph.D. Dr. Brooks: Let’s start the discussion with an eye on both research and clinical use of biological samples. Are...



Top 10 European Biopharma Clusters

Europe's biotech industry recently celebrated its growth and progress.
Mammoth Biosciences’ disease-detection platform

CRISPR Retooled as a Genomic Search Engine

There’s nothing ponderous about Mammoth Biosciences. The company is charging ahead, enhancing its CRISPR-based diagnostic platform, which can “Google” genes implicated in human diseases.


color coded DNA sequence with binary data

Finding Sense in Sequences

According to Dotmatics, objective analysis of complex and high-dimensional data can inform design changes, cycle by cycle, refining sequence-based structures and optimizing drug leads.
Assay Tutorial Figure

CNS Drug Discovery Using iPSC-Derived Neurons

BrainXell describes how differentiating large numbers of neurons from patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells can improve the relevance of drug screens.
Putting a sample into the autosampler

Chromatographic Analysis for PAT

Continuous processing means real-time monitoring process analytical technology, and enhanced chromatographic techniques—such as the IEX and SEC techniques described by Phenomenex.

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