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November 1, 2018 Vol. 38, No. 19

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Single-Use Technologies for Bioprocessing

Key advantages associated with single-use technology include reduced risk of cross-contamination, lower capital expenditure, and flexibility in accommodating changing consumer needs.

Single-Use Modules Expedite Total Solutions

Single-use and distributed scenarios are more likely if smaller product quantities are required.

Automating the Adoption of Single-Use Technology

Single-use technologies for commercial bioprocessing can provide significant benefits in terms of cost and time reduction.

Evolution of Single-Use Bioprocessing into BioPharm 4.0

Efficiency gains with intelligent biomanufacturing have tremendous potential to further advance the benefits of single-use manufacturing.

Single-Use Technology Underpins Modular Cleanrooms

In single-use systems, the critical fluid path may be protected within a cleanroom area.


Dave Johnson, Ph.D.

Microfluidic Dragnet Catches Most-Wanted Antibodies

The long arm of GigaGen is reaching out for antibodies of interest. Combining microfluidics, genomics, and protein library engineering, the company is looking to do more than round up the usual suspects.

Short Stories to Peruse—With Info You Might Use…

Short stories on flies, bacterium, and obesity.


Improving Cell Culture Outcomes through Stabilized bFGF

Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) isn’t so basic, given its sensitivity to heat. But a stable recombinant bFGF, from Thermo Fisher, can simplify cell culture workflows and improve 2D and 3D culture results.

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Advertorial: Outstanding cGMP Enzymatic Technology in Purification

To remove nucleic acids from biological samples, successful strategies have traditionally included chemical means.

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