GEN Magazine

May 2022 Vol. 42, No. 5

If you can model the unmodelable and drug the undruggable, you may find a way to cure the incurable. Along the way, however, you’ll also have to find a way to mass produce the—you guessed it—un-mass-producible. Fortunately, all the “un’s” are being undone. That’s the gist of GEN’s May issue. Frustrated with unrepresentative animal models or in vitro models? Consider humanized animal models or microphysiological systems (organ chips). Struggling to get a handle on protein-protein interactions and other slippery situations? Consider adding AI to your discovery efforts or employing alternative modalities such as targeted protein degraders or virus-like drug conjugates. Wondering how you’ll ever find the right delivery vehicle or scale your production processes? Consider the value of capsid libraries, benchtop manufacturing, modular facilities, and next-generation chromatography. All these possibilities, and more, are examined in the May issue of GEN.

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