GEN Magazine

July 2022 Vol. 41, No. 7

In the July issue of GEN, we welcome the boost of enthusiasm offered by a champion of all women who persist and pursue their passions. We’re talking about Chelsea Clinton, who answered our questions about her new book, She Persisted in Science. Although the book is meant to inspire young women to pursue scientific careers, it also has a lesson for all of us. Mainly, we can do great things if we believe in ourselves, broaden our ideas of what is possible, and work assiduously—and persistently—to achieve our goals. This lesson certainly wasn’t lost on any of the scientists who contributed to the advances celebrated in this issue of GEN. And there are so many advances! We present examples in spatial transcriptomics/proteomics, next-generation sequencing, CRISPR-based and CRISPR-less gene editing systems, pathway-savvy anti-inflammatory drugs, novel cancer immunotherapies, and point-of-service (and even home-based) PCR platforms.

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