GEN Magazine

January 2023 Vol. 43, No. 1

When you enter a new year, your favorite publications are bound to run (predictable) summaries and (obvious) forecasts. However, with GEN, a publication that covers the latest developments in the fast-moving field of biotechnology, you can never be sure what you’ll learn. The summaries and forecasts in our January issue begin with the “State of Biotech,” a thoughtful review of a recent GEN-sponsored event that showcased the insights of Jennifer Doudna, Peter Hotez, Robert Langer, and other thought leaders. (A replay of the event is available on demand on this website.) The issue also includes a special section, “2023 Trends,” which presents articles on business development, artificial intelligence, comparative genomics, and CRISPR-enhanced animal models. And in yet another New Year’s–themed article, we describe how 2022 proved to be a banner year for sequencing technology. Finally, even our non-New Year’s–themed coverage contributes to the anticipatory vibe, with articles on CRISPR crops, AAV manufacturing, and spatial multiomics.

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