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December 2018 Vol. 38, No. 21

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ming garden chinese restaurant

Top 10 Asia Biopharma Clusters 2018

The rapid growth of biopharma in Asia has created a community of investors with plenty of capital, and an increasing desire, until now, to spend a significant amount of their money in the United States.
Synthego’s CRISPRevolution kits

Full-Stack Genome Engineering Can Simplify CRISPR Workflows

Drawing on its interdisciplinary talent, Synthego aims to turn biology into an information science, abstracting genome editing’s design/edit/analysis functions and expediting the development of life-saving apps.


Cannabis Keyboard

Using a Purpose-Built Cannabis Lab Informatics System

Newly respectable cannabis firms must satisfy business expectations and regulatory requirements. To stay on the up and up, these firms can rely on a Web-based, purpose-built LIMS from LabVantage.
3D human inspecting an antibody molecule

The Future of Antibody Discovery and Cell Line Development

Encapsulated in picodroplets, individual cells can be assayed and sorted automatically, says Sphere Fluidics, which emphasizes the importance of assured clonality.

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