GEN Magazine

April 2023 Vol. 43, No. 4

Cancer is a slippery foe on multiple levels. So, anticancer efforts should proceed on multiple levels, too. For example, cancer finds refuge in the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment (TME). Here, anticancer efforts include the development of therapeutics to improve checkpoint inhibition, assist immune infiltration, and block Treg recruitment. But what about cancer targets that are slippery because they present smooth surfaces—such as active sites with broad, shallow pockets? Here, too, there are emerging options. For example, “undruggable” cancer-associated proteins may be consigned to the proteosome—the cell’s garbage disposal unit—by targeted protein degraders. To learn how cancer is being attacked at multiple levels—by making the TME less hospitable, and by hitting a wider range of molecular targets—read the April issue of GEN. Other topics of interest in the April issue include CRISPR crop development, computational approaches to drug design, and biomimetic technology.

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