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October 1, Vol. 28, No. 17

  • Feature Articles

    • Biomarker Assay Use Increases
    • Lloyd Dunlap
    • One of the earliest examples of a vaccine biomarker assay still in use is the polio antibody neutralization assay, which evaluates the immunogenicity of different polio vaccines This assay is used to support concomitant vaccine clinical trials and developing world ... more »
    • CMOs See Robust Growth
    • William Downey
    • The biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market continues to expand in 2008, and most contractors expect more growth in 2009 Growth in capacity, services, and continued investment in new technologies were cited by most contractors interviewed for the “Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Quality, ... more »
    • Cell Imaging Makes Strides in Drug R&D
    • Nina Flanagan
    • The demand for understanding cells on a microscopic level continues to fuel development for new imaging platforms and analysis software This is being further buoyed by high-content and high-throughput protocols Optical imaging is an emerging field that holds promise to ... more »
    • Predicting Adverse Drug Reactions
    • Susan Aldridge, Ph.D.
    • It is common knowledge that genetic influences are often significant in predicting how patients will respond to drugs As a result, companies are now beginning to integrate the genetic component into drug discovery and development to improve safety profiles... more »
    • FDA Pushes PAT and Companies Shove Back
    • Eric S. Langer
    • Back in 2002 the FDA announced an initiative to shift regulation of drug manufacturing to a more process-centric validation approach, as opposed to the current product-centric one Process analytical technology (PAT) was set up to optimize manufacturing and reduce resistance ... more »