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February 15, Vol. 28, No. 4

  • Feature Articles

    • LC Applications Are Expanding
    • Angelo DePalma
    • A tremendously useful tool for characterizing biotherapeutics is LC/MS of intact mAbs Scott Berger, PhD, a principal scientist in the biopharmaceutical sciences group at Waters , will tackle this topic at the annual “Pittcon” conference in New Orleans next month ... more »
    • Top 60 Chinese Biofirms Propel Industry Forward
    • Eliza Zhou
    • Eighteen years have passed since the first modern biotech firm, Shenzhen Kexing Biotech , was inaugurated in China As China’s biotech pioneer, Kexing brought the first Chinese-developed protein therapeutic (recombinant human interferon a1b) to the market in the early 1990s ... more »
    • London Strives to Be Global Biotech Hub
    • Susan Aldridge, Ph.D.
    • The London Biotechnology Network recently presented the seventh annual “Genesis” conference The meeting  brought London’s biotech companies and research groups together with delegates from many locations around the world, including the US, India, Korea, and Norway ... more »
    • Lab-Asset Management Gets Smarter
    • Gail Dutton
    • Intelligent is the new buzz word in lab-asset management (LAM) services In an environment in which clients come for the cost savings and stay for the improved productivity, lab-management services are developing smarter tools, increasing automation, and expanding their services ... more »
    • Tips for Building a Core Genotyping Facility
    • Vicki Glaser
    • As the popularity of large-scale SNP genotyping for searching whole genomes or subsets of genetic loci for single-base variations increases, researchers often rely on core facilities to process research and clinical samples Advances in genotyping instrumentation and reagents, automated sample-processing ... more »
    • Partnerships Expedite Product Advancement
    • Stewart Lyman
    • Research collaborations are a valuable tool that your company can use to explore scientific arenas that lay beyond your core areas of biological expertise In an ideal world, your organization would have all of the internal resources needed to research ... more »
  • Columns

    • Patients Shortchanged by Big Pharma
    • Marc-André Gagnon, Ph.D.
    • According to Bill Burns, chief of Roche’s pharmaceutical division, the dominant business model in pharmaceuticals is the “me-slightly-different-marketed-like-hell” model It is a model based on overpromotion of me-too drugs in order to transform them into blockbusters It is also a ... more »
    • Pediatric Market Offers Multiple Opportunities
    • Bruce Carlson
    • Long underserved and undervalued, the pediatric population is beginning to emerge as an opportunity area for prescription pharmaceuticals As a new, uncertain era opens for the pharmaceutical industry—one with fewer obvious blockbuster products and more emphasis on portfolio optimization—companies are ... more »
    • BrainCells Bets on Small Molecule Therapies
    • Ilene Schneider
    • Experts estimate that brain-related illness afflicts more than 15 billion people worldwide, and 10% of all adults have some sort of mood disorder Approximately one-third of patients do not respond to currently available therapies to treat anxiety and depression Current ... more »
    • Automating Clone Picking in Bioproduction
    • Susan Aldridge, Ph.D.
    • Selection of high-productivity cells is currently a major bottleneck in the manufacture of recombinant proteins and mAbs Genetix  has developed a system, ClonePix FL, that brings together biology and advanced imaging with integrated robotics and data tracking to automatically pick ... more »