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November 1, Vol. 27, No. 19

  • Feature Articles

    • Fragment-Based Discovery in Spotlight
    • Elizabeth Lipp
    • Many drug discovery researchers think smaller these days, specifically about fragments “A big trend more specific to small molecule drug discovery is fragment-based drug design (FBDD),” said Molly He, PhD, senior scientist at Sunesis Pharmaceuticals (wwwsunesiscom) “It has gained increasing ... more »
    • Pushing Toward a $1,000 Genome
    • Vicki Glaser
    • Recent reports in Science illustrate the range of applications enabled by sequencing technologies pioneered by Roche (wwwrochecom) and 454 Life Sciences (www454com), now a Roche company In one study (Science 2007; 317:1927-1930), researchers performed whole genome shotgun sequencing of mitochondrial ... more »
    • Use of LC Grows in MS Sample Prep
    • K. John Morrow, Jr.
    • Liquid chromatography is an essential analytical tool for molecular biologists and biotechnologists around the world Combined with mass spectrometry, the pair form a necessary part of a laboratory’s capability to characterize complex molecular mixtures and ensure their consistency for either ... more »
    • Weighing In On Genetic Testing & Research
    • Joan Zimmerman
    • The Genetic Alliance hosted a meeting in September entitled “Eyes on the Prize: Truth-Telling about Genetic Testing” The prize in question is better health for everyone through genetic tests A group of roughly 200 stakeholders in the rapidly advancing field ... more »
    • New Approaches Push Antibodies Ahead
    • Nina Flanagan
    • Antibody engineering is entering a new phase, moving from mouse to humanized and fully human antibodies Novel technologies such as de novo generation of human antibodies, engineering techniques to increase antigen affinity, and production of antibody fragments are replacing standard ... more »
    • Defining Bench to Bedside Success
    • Lynn Sutherland
    • This was not a gabfest for geeks The inaugural “TransMed Partnership Forum” (wwwtransmedpartnershipcom) held in September brought experts together to find solutions for accelerating delivery of promising medical research to patients These are particularly tough financial times for early research, ... more »

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