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November 1, Vol. 25, No. 19

  • Feature Articles

    • Emerging Technologies for Ion Channels
    • Fifteen of the top-100 best-selling drugs target ion channels, and ion channel function is implicated in a large number of diseases as disparate as Alzheimer's, epilepsy, heart disease, neuromuscular disease, and even cancer Ion channels also represent a significant class ... more »
    • Commercial Bioactivities in Western Canada
    • The biotechnology industry in Canada's two western provinces dates back at least 20 years In British Columbia "it's been going strong for the last 15 years," says Karimah Es Sabar, executive director of BC Biotech (wwwbcbiotechca) in Vancouver, a trade ... more »
  • Columns

    • Patent Rights and Pharmaceutical Reimportation
    • The ability of inventors to secure limited monopolies on their technologies through patent protection partly fuels the progress of scientific discovery This has led to the development of breakthrough drugs that have increased the quality and duration of life for ... more »
    • How to Improve Series B-Round Valuations
    • How can biotech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists best meet the challenges of a Series B financing? One answer, surprisingly often overlooked, is the creative use of drug development domain expertise that gets products into the clinic quickly and creates the ... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Electronic Laboratory Notebook Systems
    • The breakdown of traditional R&D silos in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies has accelerated the drug discovery and development process, but it has also led to an increased need for robust communications and data-sharing mechanisms Paper laboratory notebooks, the simplest and ... more »
    • Purification for Demanding Applications in Life ...
    • Since the invention of PCR in 1983, molecular biology has accelerated biomedical research efforts and enabled major scientific breakthroughs at an unprecedented rate PCR-related methods have subsequently become diversified from their original conception as simple amplification tools of DNA fragments ... more »
    • The Shrinking Biomanufacturing Facility
    • The biopharmaceutical industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last ten years as a result of genetic engineering The global market for biopharmaceuticals, valued at $48 billion in 2004, has been growing at a healthy compounding rate of 20% over ... more »