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August 1, Vol. 25, No. 14

  • Feature Articles

    • Bioresearch Highlights Significance of SNPs
    • Scientists have been analyzing SNPs and their role in disease for several years Mapping of the human genome revealed that these single nucleotide alterations are responsible for not only our phenotypic traits, but also how we respond to medicine and ... more »
    • Drug Delivery Technology: Deals and Advances
    • Drug delivery technology (DDT) is increasingly important as a component of drug development An FDA survey found that only 9% of the 99 new small molecule drugs introduced between 1995 and 2001 were Class I high solubility and permeability, which ... more »
    • Optimizing Strategies for Hit-to-Lead Process
    • The main challenge in the process of taking a hit to a lead in drug discovery is figuring "what questions to ask and what information will best help focus lead optimization," said Simon Hirst, PhD, CEO of Sygnature (Nottingham, UK), ... more »
    • North Carolina Leads Southeast in Biotech
    • For the second straight year, North Carolina ranks third behind California and Massachusetts as a biotechnology powerhouse In fact, North Carolina continues to be the "leading center in the Southeast for biotechnology," according to Ernst & Young's Global Biotechnology Report ... more »
    • Disposable Bioreactors Become Standard Fare
    • Increasingly users of traditional bioreactor and fermentor systems are looking to integrate disposable reactors and system components, or even make the switch to completely disposable systems in order to minimize the need for complex cleaning, sterilization, and validation procedures... more »
  • Columns

    • Taking a Journey-Based Approach to Manufacturing...
    • Contract manufacturers are increasingly key players in the development of biotech drugs However, industry trends are flagging the need for a new business model to serve the CMO/product owner relationship These trends suggest that the historical, transaction-based business model between ... more »
    • Safe Harbor Provisions for Preclinical Research
    • On June 13, 2005, in Merck KGaA v Integra LifeSciences I, Ltd, the US Supreme Court made clear in a unanimous opinion that broad immunity from patent infringement exists for preclinical research and experimentation reasonably related to the process of ... more »
    • Asia Offers Opportunities in Pharmaceuticals
    • Asias impact on the global biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry is accelerating From quality supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to discovery of new chemical entities (NCEs), this sector is finally coming of age The challenge, of course, lies in whether ... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Automating True Manual Patch Clamping
    • The pharmaceutical industry has widely recognized patch clamping as the "gold standard" to provide the highest information content in the drug discovery screening process by directly measuring the current passing through ion channels This technology, developed 30 years ago by ... more »
    • New Tool for Metabolic Disease Research
    • Defects in fatty acid metabolism have been linked to several pathological states, including insulin desensitization, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease Specifically, uptake of long chain fatty acids (LCFAs) plays an important role in the absorption of dietary lipids ... more »
    • Animal-Derived Agents in Disposable Systems
    • Polymeric materials have been widely used in bioprocessing for more than a decade Disposable processing products manufactured from plastic materials include flexible tubing, sanitary fittings, cylindrical tanks, carboys, powder-handling bags, capsule filters, and flexible film-based containers used for storage and ... more »