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October 1, Vol. 38, No. 17

  • Feature Articles

    • Epigenetics Revitalizes Drug Discovery
    • Julianna LeMieux
    • In a relatively short time, epigenetics has transformed our understanding of inheritance, development, and disease progression By revealing the epigenetic mechanisms behind many diseases, epigenetic research shows the potential for targeting these mechanisms with new treatments, epigenetic drugsIn the 2000s, ... more »
    • Circulating Tumor Cells beyond Counting
    • Catherine Shaffer
    • Slipping by unnoticed is what circulating tumor cells (CTCs) do unless they are subjected to detection, isolation, and capture technology, which is currently wrangling with the task of enumeration, that is, the generation of CTC counts—not just grand totals (for ... more »
    • Innovations in Viral Clearance
    • Gareth John Macdonald
    • Viral clearance is not a new challenge for the biopharmaceutical industry However, regulatory demand for better data combined with the growing recognition of the shortcomings of current virus removal and inactivation methods are fostering innovation, according to industry experts... more »
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