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February 1, Vol. 38, No. 3

  • Feature Articles

    • Downstream Processing Builds Pure Intensity
    • Angelo DePalma
    • Biomanufacturing is different from other processing industries It is less able to sustain continuous end-to-end flows because it must contend with unique technical, practical, regulatory, and inertial constraints Still, biomanufacturing can emulate well-established and far-reaching processing trends such as Six ... more »
    • Teasing Out Circulating Tumor DNA
    • Kate Marusina
    • Cancer metastasis causes 90% of all cancer-related deaths Scientists agree that the metastases occur when cancer cells are shed from the primary tumor, carried by the peripheral blood, and deposited at a distal site to create a new colony An ... more »
    • Microfluidic Flows Enter Medical Mainstream
    • William Iannuccilli
    • Maze-like medical challenges are being navigated in miniature—in microfluidic devices These chip-based networks interconnect channels and chambers as intricately as the original Labyrinth, but they are most impressive—and useful—when they are being used to capture biomarkers, screen drugs, monitor patients, ... more »