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August 1, Vol. 37, No. 14

  • Feature Articles

    • DNA Fab Keeps Getting More Fab
    • Richard A. Stein
    • Our DNA skills are lopsided: We are much better at dissecting DNA structure and organization than we are at synthesizing DNA But our DNA skills are starting to become more balanced, now that we are benefitting from exponential decreases in ... more »
    • Biomarker Platforms Advance Immuno-Oncology
    • MaryAnn Labant
    • Biomarkers are routinely measured and evaluated as indicators of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention Concomitant with the discovery and use of increasing numbers of biomarkers is the technological need to detect these multitudes ... more »
    • True to Scale: Benchtop Bioreactors
    • Angelo DePalma
    • Bench-scale bioreactors ranging in volume from about 2 L to 20 L have become indispensable as intermediate-scale vessels for process development, scale-down troubleshooting or debottlenecking, generating characterization quantities of protein, and cell culture seed generation Cultures amenable to benchtop-scale reflect ... more »
    • GEN Roundup: Lights! Camera! Live-Cell Imaging!
    • The stars of live-cell imaging—the living cells—need pampering, just like the stars of stage and screen If anything, the cells need more pampering Otherwise, they may act abnormally, or even perish, during their performances... more »