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June 1, Vol. 34, No. 11

  • Feature Articles

    • Strategies in Discovery Metabolomics
    • Kate Marusina
    • Discovery metabolomics involves the comparison of the metabolome between control and test conditions to find differences in the metabolite profiles The discovery process comprises three main steps: profiling, identification, and analysis... more »
    • Cell Culture Optimization Options
    • Angelo DePalma
    • Bioprocessors have adopted numerous approaches to optimizing cell culture, from clone selection to process conditions to feed and media strategies Finding high-producing cell lines has been a major focus of development programs for protein therapeutics... more »
    • Expanding the Transfection Toolbox
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • Transfection, a key genetic technology in the toolbox of many researchers, spans numerous applications—production of recombinant proteins and recombinant cell lines, drug discovery, delivery of therapeutics, and gene therapy Protocols and techniques for coaxing nucleic acids into cells vary widely ... more »
  • Columns

    • ISCO’s Parthenogenetic Core
    • Gail Dutton
    • Committed to regenerative medicine but fundamentally opposed to the use of embryonic stem cells, the founders of International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) created a new class of pluripotent human stem cells Now, eight years later, this work has resulted in ... more »
    • Pichia pastoris Revisited
    • James M Cregg, PhD, of the Keck Graduate Institute came to engineering Pichia pastoris for biopharmaceuticals through a circuitous route After more than 30 years, he remains a pioneer in using Pichia to produce commercial antibodies Dr Cregg’s interest ... more »