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March 15, Vol. 34, No. 6

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    • Surveying the Exosome Market Landscape
    • Enal Razvi
    • There is growing interest in the concept of extracellular vesicles as carriers of protein and nucleic acid biomarkers In this context, exosomes are garnering a significant amount of research attention since they are numerous, are found in most biological fluids, ... more »
    • Rougher Passage to India’s Drug Market
    • Alex Philippidis
    • FDA Commissioner Margaret A Hamburg, MD, contrasted the craftsmanship and beauty of India’s Taj Mahal with recent lapses in quality by “a handful” of the country’s drug manufacturers during a recent visit there If the comparison was meant to flatter ... more »
    • Qiagen Expands Its cDx Franchise
    • Gail Dutton
    • Qiagen has built a strong position in the personalized healthcare space in the past few years, using its portfolio of more than 35 tests and its relationships with academia, leading biopharmaceutical companies, and early-stage innovators as its foundation... more »