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November 1, Vol. 33, No. 19

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    • Active Research Creates Real-World Insights
    • Gail Dutton
    • Cell Signaling Technology (CST) boasts an impressive array of products, while at its core it remains an antibody company Developed by scientists who are themselves active researchers, CST faces many of the same challenges as its researcher clients Therefore, CST ... more »
    • Digital PCR Slow to Convert Users
    • Digital PCR has no doubt made a breakthrough in research and development, but it’s easy to ask; how exactly is PCR done? So far, only two types of platforms exist One platform is droplet technology which uses microfluidics to emulsify ... more »
    • Ovarian Cancer Treatment Options Multiply
    • Gail Dutton
    • A growing understanding of ovarian cancer is spurring the development of new therapeutics and diagnostics that also apply to other types of cancer Therefore, despite a small incidence rate (22,240 this year, according to the American Association for Cancer Research) ... more »
    • Ph.D.s Need Not Apply
    • Alex Philippidis
    • The long-discussed glut of PhDs and postdocs is getting some overdue additional attention in a pair of upcoming studies, as professionals explore whether and how much that surplus will likely shrink... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Improving Access to HC Screening Images
    • Oliver Leven
    • High-content screening (HCS) is a powerful technology that addresses a variety of questions within biological research Established for pharmaceutical small molecule screening, it is regularly applied in target discovery and validation Capable of observing phenotypic changes, HCS requires a technically ... more »
    • Refining Preclinical Modeling in Oncology
    • Rajendra Kumari, Ph.D.
    • For many decades the most common anti-cancer treatments have been the use of conventional chemotherapeutic agents However their broad-based mechanisms (eg, DNA alkylating agents) usually leads to severe systemic side effects Today, molecular targeted therapies, which block specific molecules involved ... more »