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November 1, Vol. 32, No. 19

  • Feature Articles

    • RNAi’s Enabling Powers
    • David Daniels, Ph.D.
    • Over the years, researchers have demonstrated that RNAi compounds can be designed to specifically reduce the expression of target genes before their mRNA is translated into protein By leveraging this knowledge, RNAi compounds can be developed into drugs to prevent ... more »
    • Visualizing Cell Signaling Pathways
    • Richard A. Stein
    • Combined experimental and theoretical tools that include biochemical and molecular biology approaches, genome, transcriptome, and proteome analyses, and comparative methods, have advanced our understanding of signaling pathways that shape development, homeostasis, and disease... more »
    • Protein Production Prowess Progresses
    • Greg Crowther, Ph.D.
    • Producing high yields of pure, high-quality proteins remains a goal of many academic and industrial labs Their efforts can be thwarted by problems ranging from incomplete control over cells’ growth conditions to inadequate post-translational modifications However, progress is being made ... more »
    • Peering into Subcellular Domains
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • Super-resolution microscopy is revolutionizing the ability to probe subcellular features as small as single molecules Surpassing traditional limitations of conventional optical microscopes, these new technologies permit very precise visualization and measurement of features that are below the limits of diffraction... more »
  • Columns

    • Companion Dx and Personalized Medicine
    • Gail Dutton
    • Companion diagnostics, like the therapeutics they support, are pioneering personalized medicine These early forays are at the vanguard of a disruptive and game-changing approach to medicine as genomics is used to match therapies to patients who can benefit, predict prognosis, ... more »
    • Tissue Expertise Begat Biospecimens CRO
    • Carol Potera
    • Cureline, a human biospecimen CRO, specializes in providing human tissues for a variety of research projects This niche company grew out of a tissue bank that Olga Potapova, PhD, set up to collect bone marrow from patients with particular hematological ... more »
    • People in the News
    • Nodality added Laura A Brege as president and CEO Prior to joining Nodality, Brege held senior-level positions at Onyx Pharmaceuticals, including evp and COO Previously, she was svp and CFO at COR Therapeutics She also served as CFO at Flextronics ... more »